Marver Internship Program

The Marver Internship in Public Policy Program was founded by James D. Marver ’72, P’14 to encourage students interested in domestic public policy analysis to participate in real-world experiences and to expose them to contemporary domestic policy research and analysis, which they may want to carry on as an independent study/thesis.

Nathan Szeto ’23

Picture of Nathan Szeto '23

Laffer Associates, Nashville, TN This summer I had the pleasure of working as an economic research assistant with Laffer Associates—an economic research firm founded by economist Arthur B. Laffer, Ph.D. whose most well-known theory is by far that of the Laffer Curve. In addition to gaining a better understanding of… Continue reading »

Jake Saudek ’22

Jake Saudek '22 sitting on a couch with laptop

U.S. Senator Ben Cardin, Washington, DC This past winter, I set out to find a summer position in which I could serve the public, exercise some responsibility, and work to make a difference. To marry these goals with my interest in politics and government, I reached out to Senator Markey’s… Continue reading »

Maya Jamroz ’23

Headshot of Maya Jamroz '23

Millennial Action Project, Washington, DC This summer I worked as a Congressional Policy Intern for the Millennial Action Project (MAP), an organization dedicated to fostering bipartisan cooperation among millennial legislators. I was responsible for researching and creating a database of millennial congressional candidates, which will be used to find… Continue reading »

Catherine May ’20

Outside of the Commission Office at the Hurley Building in Boston.

Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women, Boston, MA Me and fellow interns, Lucy (Wellesley) and Paulina (Holy Cross), in the Great Hall of Flags at the Massachusetts State House before the hearing on the ROE Act. This summer, I had the pleasure of serving as a legislative intern… Continue reading »

Sydney Myong ’20

Sydney Myong - Photo

Millennial Action Project, Washington, DC This summer I was a policy intern at the Millennial Action Project in Washington, DC. The mission of MAP is to engage young legislators and foster dialogue across the bipartisan divide that has polarized and negatively impacted the current state of politics. As a… Continue reading »

Jacob Rosenberg ’22

Me with a cool souvenir.

Office of U.S. Senator Cory Booker, Newark, NJ This summer I interned for Senator Cory Booker in Newark, N.J. I first became aware of Cory Booker six years ago when he came to my middle school. At that time, he was only the Mayor of Newark, but I remember… Continue reading »

Patrick Watson ’21

Patrick Watson – Photo2

Northeast Clean Energy Council, Boston, MA Working as a Policy and Government intern at the Northeast Clean Energy Council was the most interesting experience I have had. The Council brings together business leaders and key stakeholders to engage in influential policy discussions and business initiatives while building connections that… Continue reading »

Olivia Leslie ’20

Olivia Leslie ASIP Photo 3 – Olivia Leslie

American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC At the AEI/Brookings Annual Intern Debate. This summer, I interned at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a think tank doing research with individual scholars on specific issues. Working in the Government Relations Department, I had the opportunity—and was required—to interact with all research done… Continue reading »

Janelle Gowgiel ’20

Janelle Gowgiel – Photo3

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Epidemiology Workforce Branch, Atlanta, GA This summer I had the opportunity to work at the Epidemiology Workforce Branch (EWB) of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This was my first experience working in the U.S. government and also my first time… Continue reading »

Ethan Kendall ’22

Ethan Kendall ASIP Photo 2 – Ethan Kendall

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Marine Policy Center, Woods Hole, MA The work I conducted as a guest student in the Marine Policy Center at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) this summer allowed me to explore and expand my interests in environmental economics and public policy, gain experience contributing to… Continue reading »