Kershaw Internship Program

The Kershaw Internship Program is supported by a gift in memory of Joseph Kershaw, former Professor of Economics at Williams. It provides students with an opportunity to participate in working environments including community service organizations and foundations where government, business, and society at large interface to solve real-life problems.

Holly MacAlpine ’20

Me standing outside of the office building where IBC is located.

International Business Government Counsellors, Inc., Washington, DC I spent this summer working as an intern at International Business Government Counsellors, Inc. (IBC) in Washington, DC. IBC is a full-service government relations firm which provides clients with a range of services. I worked on the twelfth floor of an office building… Continue reading »

Sarah Michels ’20

Sarah Michels ’20 and Darin Li ’21 trying on the Biosafety Level 4 (BSL-4) suits in the CDC museum.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA The EWB summer interns (Darin Li ’21, Sarah Michels ’20, and Omar Kawam ‘20) and Emory University Rollins School of Public Health graduate students. The events leading up to this summer internship started during the fall of my freshman year… Continue reading »

Ellyn Pier ’19

Ellyn with her co-counselor and one of our Palestinian campers.

Seeds of Peace, Otisfield, ME Preparing to take a group of campers water skiing. Seeds of Peace is a transformative summer camp in Maine that empowers young people grow to be the world’s next generation of leaders. Seeds of Peace was created to as space for dialogue for… Continue reading »