James Kellogg 1937 Internship

James C. Kellogg III was a member of the Class of 1937 who, while only spending one year at Williams, went on to have a successful career in business. Every year at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Alumni, the Kellogg Award is given to an alum in recognition of a distinguished career in any field of endeavor. In that spirit, this fund was created to support Williams students pursuing summer internships in any field with no restrictions.

Zoe Evans ’25

Zoe Evans at work.

Stanford University School of Medicine, Bollyky Lab, Stanford, CA The Bollyky Lab is an immunology lab at Stanford University with a focus on studying bacteriophages or viruses that kill bacteria. I worked alongside Tejas Dharmaraj, whose research centered on developing a way to quantitatively measure the function of phages (without… Continue reading »

Xander Utecht ’22.5

Xander Utecht displaying a presentation.

Swarthmore College, Department of Biology, Swarthmore, PA This summer, I was fortunate to have the experience to work as a member of Professor DuBuc’s laboratory team at Swarthmore College. Dr. DuBuc is a biology professor, and he has a keen interest in stem cell research, especially in the Hydractinia system. Continue reading »

Nathan Hu ’23

UCLA Computational and Applied Math REU, Los Angeles, CA This summer, I had the privilege of working as a research intern for Professor Jamie Haddock as a part of her linear systems research group at UCLA. I conducted machine learning research on a group of methods known as “Kaczmarz Methods”… Continue reading »

Minh-Huy Le ’24

Institute for Human & Machine Cognition, Pensacola, FL This past summer, I was given the opportunity to serve as a Data Visualizations Intern at the Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC). My work focused on utilizing the ShaderToy tool to create scenes consisting of interactive 3D graphics. I worked… Continue reading »

Bellamy Richardson ’23

Bellamy Richardson '23 on laptop

By the Way Berkshires, LLC, Williamstown, MA My plans for this summer began to look a lot different after Covid-19 swept the U.S. and in-person arrangements were cancelled. After my camp counselor gig was officially cancelled, I searched for remote opportunities that sounded interesting and could help me get… Continue reading »

Tyler Cooligan ’22

Tyler Cooligan '22 on desktop computer

Tompkins Financial Advisors, Pittsford, NY This past summer, Tompkins Financial Advisors provided me with an incredible opportunity to gain knowledge in the financial services industry while being surrounded by awesome people. The firm currently manages approximately $4 billion in client assets, with their mission to deliver personalized financial solutions and… Continue reading »

Isha Kamara ’23

Isha Kamara '23 on laptop

DIFFvelopment, Montclair, NJ This summer, I had the opportunity to intern remotely with the non-profit DIFFvelopment along with 13 other interns from across the country with a shared interest in learning about entrepreneurship through culturally specific 
entrepreneurial and financial education. There was an education, consulting, and entrepreneurial component to the… Continue reading »

Dasol Lee ’21

The 2019 MGH Center for Engineering in Medicine Program Interns.

Massachusetts General Hospital, Center for Engineering in Medicine, Boston, MA The 2019 MGH Center for Engineering in Medicine Program Interns. I worked as a research intern through the MGH Center for Engineering in Medicine program. I worked most closely with Rohan Thakur, a Ph.D. student through the MIT Health,… Continue reading »

Benny Weng ’22

Benny Weng – Photo1

University of Victoria, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Canada This summer, I worked as a research assistant in the joint Department of Physics and Astronomy in University of Victoria in BC, Canada. I was involved particularly in the Search for White-dwarf Eclipsing Exo-Planet (SWEEP) program, an observation heavy program… Continue reading »