Class of 1974 Internship Program

The Class of 1974 Internship Program was created to provide meaningful assistance to students to enable increased participation in off-campus community service organizations engaging in worthwhile endeavors with professionals in various non-profit or community service-oriented fields.

Franklin Reilly ’21

Franklin Reilly '21 reading while cuddling dog

U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association, Park City, UT Professional athletes/organizations have become increasingly interested in data analysis as collection and implementation tools have evolved into more accessible and easier to use formats. My internship this summer was doing data analysis for the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association. This organization represents… Continue reading »

Andrew Rim ’20

Andrew Rim – Photo1

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York, NY A selfie during the second week of my internship, right before I had to plate my cells with LB broth. This summer, I had the privilege to work as an intern in Professor Domenico Tortorella’s Immunology Laboratory at Mount… Continue reading »

Aida Sawadogo ’22

Legal Outreach, Long Island City, NY In the Legal Outreach pledge there’s a line that says “mountains of obstacles will melt before my inspired soul and resolute mind.” As a student at Legal Outreach, this particular part of the pledge not only gave me the inspiration I needed to face… Continue reading »

Rachel Horowitz ’22

Rachel Horowitz – Photo3

Museum of the City of New York, New York, NY This summer I interned at the Museum of the City of New York, a museum dedicated to exploring different aspects of the city’s history from the time of the native Lenape up to the present. I worked in their… Continue reading »

Edwin Carpio ’21

Edwin Carpio – Photo1

Mentoring in Medicine, Bronx, NY I have always looked up to doctors. While they might not be able to fly or shoot webs out of their hands, the ability and knowledge to treat patients is a super power in itself. This summer I had the opportunity to join the… Continue reading »

Shaheen Currimjee ’20

Creating reading guides for our Fall book releases.

Restless Books, Brooklyn, NY Working with my fellow interns on our eBook re-release project for the summer. This summer I worked as a publishing intern at Restless Books, a non-profit publishing house in Brooklyn, N.Y. The Restless mission focuses on bringing a wide variety of international literature to the… Continue reading »

Arrington Luck ’22

Conducting a phone interview for an article

Voice of America, Washington, DC This summer, I had the honor of interning at Voice of America’s central newsroom in Washington, DC. Voice of America is the United States government’s international broadcaster and the largest international broadcaster in the country. I worked as a writer and reporter for the… Continue reading »

Molly Craig ’21

Molly & fellow Courier interns after we were able to dental assist at the Wise, Va. RAM event.

Frontier Nursing University Courier Program, Lexington, KY Molly working the vision table at the Hazard, KY RAM travelling event, helping people out frames for their glasses. On June 6, 2018, I made the twelve-hour trek from northern Pennsylvania to the rural forested region of southeastern Kentucky. When I… Continue reading »

Isaiah Krugman ’20

Isaiah presenting his research at the summer symposium.

Mount Vernon Hotel Museum and Garden, New York, NY This summer, I had the joy to participate in the William Randolph Hearst Fellowship at the Mount Vernon Hotel Museum and Garden. The Mount Vernon Hotel Museum and Garden is a small, local museum in the City of New York operated… Continue reading »

Matthew Lennon ’19

Me within the emergency department, in front of the trauma center, colloquially referred to as ‘station 1’ by hospital staff.

Highland Hospital, Oakland, CA Me within the emergency department, in front of the trauma center, colloquially referred to as ‘station 1’ by hospital staff. The clinical research portion of my job took the largest share of my time while I was working as a research assistant at Highland… Continue reading »