Class of 1972 Internship Program

The Class of 1972 Internship Program provides an opportunity for students to gain practical experience in the areas of public service and public policy, and encourages them to engage in innovative projects that address significant issues in society and link knowledge and structural change within society.

Lauren Hernandez ’23

Lauren Hernandez moderating a panel.

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, New York, NY This summer I worked as a youth activist intern for the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, a non-partisan, nonprofit organization that works toward nuclear non-proliferation and the abolition of nuclear weapons through education, consultation and advocacy. This year was incredibly unique given the geopolitical… Continue reading »

Tiffany Vargas ’24

Tiffany Vargas working remotely.

Pittsfield Public Schools, Pittsfield, MA This summer, I worked as an ELA and social studies curriculum equity intern at Pittsfield Public Schools. Along with three other Williams interns, I was able to create “text sets” that served as supplementary materials for the existing elementary schools’ curriculums. In order to fully… Continue reading »

Levi Hughes ’24

Levi Hughes at Louison House.

Louison House, North Adams, MA Over the course of this summer, I worked at the Louison House, a nonprofit social service organization that helps people who are homeless or experiencing housing insecurity. Their small organization, consisting of five social workers and an accountant, is the main organization to assist residents… Continue reading »

Matt Wisotsky ’23

Matt Wisotsky performing on bassoon.

Interlochen Center for the Arts, Interlochen, MI Interlochen Center for the Arts is a campus of concert venues and academic buildings dedicated to the performing arts that serves as a camp during the summer and a high school arts academy during the academic year. This summer, I worked during the… Continue reading »

Akiko Jindo ’25

Akiko Jindo in front of General Noji's residence.

The Japan Forum on International Relations, Japan This summer, I had the pleasure of interning at the Japan Forum on International Relations (JFIR), located in Tokyo. The JFIR is a private, nonprofit, independent and nonpartisan think tank on foreign policy and international relations. I mainly focused on issues relating to… Continue reading »

Bernard Wongibe ’25

Bernard Wongibe in a virtual meeting.

Misongi, Cameroon The aim of this report is to present information on the activities I carried out as an intern at the Misongi College Access Program in Cameroon. I worked a hybrid schedule (a combination of virtual and in-person sessions) under the supervision of Veronique Hob-Hob ’13. The in-person work… Continue reading »

Sophie Johnson ’25

Sophie Johnson practicing carpentry skills!

WaterFire Providence, Providence, RI WaterFire Providence is a nonprofit organization that works to bring the people of Providence together. Modeled on the idea of gathering around a campfire, the executive artistic director developed an outdoor art installation of bonfires floating along the rivers of downtown Providence. Attracting a crowd of… Continue reading »

Audrey Kelly ’24

Audrey Kelly with the Policy and Advocacy Coordinator.

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, New York, NY This summer, I participated in the Global Youth Activism Summer Internship program at the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF)—a nonpartisan, nonprofit with consultative status to the United Nations that aims to achieve a just and peaceful world free of nuclear weapons—as well as… Continue reading »

Nate Kim ’25

Nate Kim in the gallery with fellow ASIP intern.

Access Theater, New York, NY Going into college, I had my heart set on majoring in economics followed by a career in finance. The wonderful folks at Access Theater have certainly thrown a wrench into my plans! My film journey began over the first Covid-19 quarantine, during which I began… Continue reading »

Jaiha Lee ’24

Jaiha Lee with the team.

Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, Washington, D.C. This summer I had the wonderful opportunity to intern at the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage for the 2022 Folklife Festival. The center specifically conducts research to preserve and educate the public about global cultures. Much like its motto… Continue reading »