Case Internship Program

Will Kingham ’22

On the NYC Ferry.

Wilton & Bain, Inc., New York, NY This summer, I was privileged to have the opportunity to take up the position of Associate Intern in the New York office of Wilton & Bain, a global executive search firm, based in London. Wilton & Bain was founded in the early 2000s,… Continue reading »

Jacob Cohen ’24

Jacob Cohen with laptop.

Lit, Boston, MA This summer, I had an amazing opportunity to learn the intricacies of what it takes to run a startup. Founded in March of 2020, Lit is a digital language-learning company that develops comprehensible, input-based language tools intended for use as supplementary material in classrooms; and as executive… Continue reading »

Annie Lu ’23

Annie Lu at a computer.

ArtLifting, Boston, MA I worked as a data management and sales operations intern this summer at ArtLifting, a social enterprise that empowers artists impacted by homelessness and disabilities. ArtLifting manages the sale of their artwork like any other professional art gallery would, but with the additional goal of creating meaningful… Continue reading »

Tommy Coyne ’23

Tommy Coyne working at home.

AKALA, Beverly Hills, CA I had the pleasure of working with AKALA, a college counseling online platform that provides a blended model between technology and one-on-one consulting. I served my role as a Business Development Intern with my team, consisting of four other interns from Williams, working closely with the… Continue reading »

Meaghan McCarthy ’23

At the Galvan Studio in NYC.

Galvan London, New York, NY I had the pleasure of interning at the New York office of the luxury fashion company Galvan London, in their PR department. Galvan is a company designed by and run by women for women. It was founded in London in 2014 with the fashion mission:… Continue reading »

Desel P. Dorji ’23

Desel on a Zoom call.

Fourth Quadrant Partners, Boston, MA I spent my summer interning with Fourth Quadrant Partners (4QP), a consulting firm working with foundations and nonprofits based both in the United States and abroad. As the first intern at 4QP, it took some time to figure out what work would be most helpful… Continue reading »

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