Case Internship Program

Andrew Lee ’24

Andrew Lee with laptop.

Williams Summer Institute for Entrepreneurship This summer, I participated in the Incubator Program for the Williams Summer Institute for Entrepreneurship (WSIE) with my friend and business partner, August Orser ’24. Along with dedicating eight weeks to designing and constructing an idea, each team of aspiring entrepreneurs has access to workshops… Continue reading »

Paul Harshbarger ’23

Paul Harshbarger at dinner.

Williams Summer Institute for Entrepreneurship During the spring of the 2021-22 school year a teammate of mine and I started TokenTag, a platform for Web3 native and blockchain based businesses to know/understand their customers and create engagement/marketing campaigns based on our analytics. We started out looking to solve inefficiencies in… Continue reading »

Jimmy Li ’24

Jimmy Li working.

Pillar49, Toronto, Canada This past summer, I interned at Pillar49 in Toronto, Canada. Pillar49 is an entrepreneurial firm that partners with early-start companies and takes on the role of “active managers,” stepping in and providing operational and financial resources to support and drive long-term growth. They collaborate with the existing… Continue reading »

Hector Hernandez ’23

Hector Hernandez with laptop.

Williams Summer Institute for Entrepreneurship The Williams Summer Institute for Entrepreneurship (WSIE) is a program designed to guide students through the process of brainstorming a business idea, creating a minimum viable product and launching the product. Although launching a fully functioning business is not a requirement of the program, it… Continue reading »

Maye McPhail ’22.5

Maye McPhail in a virtual meeting.

Lit, Boston, MA With support from the Case Internships for Entrepreneurship, I spent this summer at Lit Learning Inc., an education technology startup on a mission to make quality instruction available to K-12 students globally. Lit Learning uses innovative digital approaches to deliver educational materials to students in developing countries… Continue reading »

Jamie Holland ’22.5

Jamie Holland in virtual meeting.

Williams Summer Institute for Entrepreneurship 2022 was the inaugural summer for the Williams Summer Institute for Entrepreneurship (WSIE). Started by Tonio Palmer and assisted by Adriana Roman, WSIE exists to enable Williams students to pursue entrepreneurial projects full time during the summer. WSIE is something of an incubator, offering programming… Continue reading »

August Orser ’24

August Orser working.

Williams Summer Institute for Entrepreneurship This summer I had the pleasure of attending the Williams College Institute for Entrepreneurship (WSIE). During this course, my partner, Andrew Lee, and I had the opportunity to develop an idea we had. Although our concept grew into a social media platform for sharing people’s… Continue reading »

Julia Horne ’24

Julia Horne in virtual meeting.

Connection 101, Norwich, VT Connection 101 provides an invaluable awareness of relationship dynamics within and outside of the workplace, with workshops that enable participants to build a toolkit for healthy communication. Workshop content focuses on character strengths, leadership and conflict-resolution styles, while incorporating concepts such as trust and psychological safety. Continue reading »

Jake Peters ’22.5

Jake Peters in a virtual meeting.

Williams Summer Institute for Entrepreneurship The Williams Summer Institute for Entrepreneurship (WSIE) is an eight-week program designed to allow students to pursue ventures across a wide range of industries. It is run by Tonio Palmer, director of entrepreneurship at the ’68 Center, and Adriana Roman, former Venture for America fellow… Continue reading »

Divij Jain ’25

Divij Jain working.

Nomad This summer, I had the great privilege of joining the development team of Nomad for eight weeks. Nomad is a social media app started by two Williams graduates, Dysron Marshall ’20 and Kelvin Tejeda ’20. The goal of Nomad is to connect users with communities and events in their… Continue reading »