Case Internship Program

Kai Soto-Dessen ’23

Kai Soto-Dessen working.

muun chi, Redondo Beach, CA This summer, I interned with a probiotic and prebiotic health food company called muun chi. I worked in person with the company’s founder, Manette Jen McDermott, at several farmers markets in Los Angeles where they sell their product. There, I learned a great deal about… Continue reading »

Valeria Starkova ’24

Valeria Starkova in a virtual meeting.

Fixa Rwanda, Rwanda This summer, I interned remotely at Fixa Rwanda Inc. Fixa connects Africa’s informal workers with formal job opportunities in the construction industry. It is estimated that the informal sector comprises more than 80% of Africa’s workforce, making it the continent’s largest source of employment and economic activity. Continue reading »

Nick Stefanelli ’23

Nick Stefanelli poses for a photo.

Generation Conscious, Brooklyn, NY Generation Conscious (GenCo) is a New York-based startup committed to tackling climate injustice, eliminating plastic waste and addressing eco-classism through rethinking the ways we buy and consume common household products. The company specializes in the design and retail of sustainably sourced hygiene products. One of the… Continue reading »

Kayla Swift ’23

Kayla Swift poses for a photo.

EatOkra, New York, NY This summer, I was given the opportunity to work remotely with EatOkra, an app that serves as a directory for Black-owned restaurants, caterers and food trucks. “Where food, culture and community link,” EatOkra promotes and sponsors upcoming events, provides restaurant consulting and produces podcasts and cooking… Continue reading »

Shenbahum Vairavan ’24

Shenbahum Vairavan working remotely.

WorldCare International, Boston, MA WorldCare International is a business that provides expert medical second opinions to those who have been diagnosed with critical illnesses. Over the last 26 years, WorldCare has worked to create an effective process to help those who have been given life-changing news to make an informed… Continue reading »

Daniel Vataj ’23

Williams Summer Institute for Entrepreneurship The Williams Summer Institute for Entrepreneurship aims to support Williams students by giving them a robust foundation and support system to pursue entrepreneurship over the summer. The program helped by giving my team access to invaluable expertise and advice through weekly meetings, as well as… Continue reading »

Kevin Zhuo ’25

Kevin Zhuo working remotely.

Nomad This summer, I worked as a software engineering intern for Williams alumni to help develop their app called Nomad. The goal of the app is to facilitate user interaction with people nearby through chat groups as well as to let users get involved in the community by displaying nearby… Continue reading »

Marla Khishigsuren ’23

Marla Khishigsuren at work.

AKALA, Beverly Hills, CA This summer, I worked as an intern at AKALA (Access, Knowledge, and Achievement Leading to Admission). AKALA is a for-profit EdTech startup that takes on the challenge of providing every high school student with affordable access to college admissions guidance. Such accessibility is made possible through… Continue reading »

Olivier Khorasani ’24

Olivier Khorasani working.

D1 Boston, Burlington, MA This summer I worked as an intern for D1 Boston, a sports training facility based in Burlington, Mass., dedicated to the athlete and helping them achieve their athletic goals. D1 was founded in 2003 by Will Bartholemew, a former University of Tennessee American Football player who… Continue reading »

David Driscoll ’23

David Driscoll working.

AKALA, Beverly Hills, CA Co-founded by Perry Kalmus ’03, AKALA is a college-prep counseling service. The students who have subscribed to AKALA’s services not only have access to the knowledgeable team (all of whom have previously worked as college counselors) but also have access to AKALA’s website, which can help… Continue reading »

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