Erin Youn ’24

Erin Youn showing the anatomy of bones.

Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, San Francisco, CA This summer, I interned at Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine (AOSM), a private orthopedic practice in San Francisco. I had the opportunity to work under Dr. James Chen, who aims to serve patients with the best quality orthopedic care so patients may… Continue reading »

Zoe Hoffmann Kamrat ’25

Zoe Hoffmann Kamrat working on code.

Boston University School of Medicine, Center for Regenerative Medicine, Boston, MA The Center for Regenerative Medicine (CReM), a department of the Boston University (BU) School of Medicine, is a collaborative unit composed of seven labs. This summer, I worked under Dr. Angie Serrano, conducting an independent bioinformatic analysis research project… Continue reading »

Bálint Szőllősi ’23

Balint Szollosi posing with the product.

Ecotone Renewables, Pittsburgh, PA My undergraduate journey, having taken two, non-consecutive gap years, is an unconventional one. Thus, this summer marked the first time in six years that I joined a small team of professionals as a summer intern. And so, I spent the past roughly three months working for… Continue reading »

Jaeeun Lee ’24

Jaeeun Lee outside the hospital.

Boston Children’s Hospital, Loddenkemper Lab, Boston, MA I had the opportunity this summer to work at Boston Children’s Hospital as a pediatric epilepsy research intern in the neurology department. I worked alongside a team of seven other interns and several other members of the Loddenkemper Lab such as the post-doctoral… Continue reading »

Minxin Li ’25

Minxin Li in the farm washroom.

Full Well Farm, Adams, MA This summer I had the wonderful opportunity to explore what it truly means to be “farm to table.” My summer internship was on Full Well Farm in nearby Adams. Full Well is an organic no-till farm that is LGBTQ+ inclusive, completely women-run and owned by… Continue reading »

Sara Sánchez Alarcón ’23.5

Sara Sanchez Alarcon working.

Resilience, Inc., Tampa, FL This summer I had the opportunity to try my hand at working with Resilience Inc., a medium-sized nonprofit that focuses on providing K-12 schools their social emotional learning curriculum and tools. Their aim is to develop students’ mindfulness in their mental health in the hopes of… Continue reading »

Samuel Liu ’23

Samuel Liu working.

WorldCare International, Boston, MA This summer I worked as a clinical operations intern at WorldCare International Inc., a company that provides expert second medical opinions to those who have been diagnosed with a critical illness, often one that is a complex and rare disease. For the past 26 years, WorldCare… Continue reading »

Keel Brissett ’25

KTDR Capital, Newport Beach, CA This summer I interned at KTDR Capital, an investment firm, based out of Newport Beach, Calif., that seeks majority investments in growing lower- to middle-market businesses. My role as an analyst was to search for potential investment opportunities. Each industry is unique, so some preliminary… Continue reading »

Sarah McGinn ’24

Sarah McGinn with a fellow intern.

Temple University, Temple Infant and Child Lab, Philadelphia, PA This summer, I worked as an intern at the Temple University Infant and Child Lab in Philadelphia. I worked as a data collector on the Play Streets/Playful Learning research project, which has been running for several years. The project was to… Continue reading »

Annika Brockman ’24

Annika Brockman in a virtual meeting.

WorldCare International, Boston, MA This summer I worked with WorldCare, a company that connects people with medical second opinions (MSOs) after a life-threatening, long term, complex diagnosis. If your employee offers WorldCare as a benefit, you have access to their clinical operations team as well as their consortium of experts. Continue reading »