Lindsey Chu ’23

Lit, Boston, MA

This summer, I worked remotely with LIT Learning, an education tech startup specializing in input-based language acquisition for students. I worked as a product associate, tasked with designing the front-end and user interface of their new product, Chatac. It is a WhatsApp text-based platform that aids students in developing countries to participate in remote learning with only a mobile device and basic network connection. With this, education can be made more accessible to students where access to laptops or desktops are limited.

Lindsey Chu in a virtual meeting.During this process, I had to really empathize with the users of this platform, which included students, teachers, and parents alike. I also had to conduct research and analysis on existing products that were already online. Many iterations and sketches were created during the formation of the user interface, but obtaining feedback and implementing it was very helpful in the development process. For this project, I also had to code the frontend with HTML/CSS after developing the design. I was able to learn many new design concepts and programming tips from working with current tech leads. Throughout the internship, I was also responsible for updating the main company website and adding new elements that made the site more readable. For example, I updated the Demos page, where videos are displayed for students, teachers, and schools as guidance on how to use the Lit product. I also added a Teacher’s Manual page that has detailed and written instructions on using Lit.

Lindsey Chu with code.Even though this internship was remote, the team was still very responsive and supportive. Working alongside the tech lead and CEO, I was constantly able to submit creative and detailed deliverables that aided the production of Chatac. I was given many opportunities and jurisdictions on design elements, logo formation, and task scheduling. Working as a product associate for Lit Learning has trained me to put my best foot forward when creating design work, managing my schedules efficiently, staying in close contact with my managers and CEO, and so much more. Professionally, I have learned organization and communication lessons from this startup experience that I can harness into post-grad industry jobs. I am currently looking for UX product design positions I can fulfill. My work from Lit Learning will be proudly displayed on my personal website for recruiters to view. Academically, I have immensely improved my design skills and thinking, and started to seek out more design-related classes at Williams. Before this internship, I was immersed in technical computer science classes, but now, I feel more confident to journey into the arts world and take full advantage of a liberal arts education.

Thank you so much to Mr. and Mrs. Case and the ’68 Center for Career Exploration for guiding me through this amazing journey this summer! This experience has really changed and aided my career pathway, and I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for me.