Julia Horne ’24

Connection 101, Norwich, VT

Connection 101 provides an invaluable awareness of relationship dynamics within and outside of the workplace, with workshops that enable participants to build a toolkit for healthy communication. Workshop content focuses on character strengths, leadership and conflict-resolution styles, while incorporating concepts such as trust and psychological safety. The company highlights the importance of connecting with others in boosting team productivity, strengthening relationships and enhancing personal wellbeing. As their summer 2022 intern, I had the opportunity to join a core team of kind, intelligent, driven individuals. While working remotely, one of the joys of being part of a small organization was the amount of face time I was given with team members of all roles through frequent Zoom meetings.

Throughout my 10 weeks, I worked on a variety of large projects. A significant part of my job as an intern involved creating workshop materials for upcoming cohorts. Looking toward the future of online course offerings, I worked with my internship supervisor to mock up an asynchronous version of the core workshop using a learning management system. I also created a streamlined team bio page for the Connection 101 Squarespace website. Having expressed my interest in advertising, I got to work on several projects pertaining to marketing. These included compiling an organized database of testimonial quotes to be used by the head of marketing, as well as researching, writing and editing five email drafts for the email marketing campaign.

When I first began working with Connection 101, I had the opportunity to be a participant in their three-week workshop. I found that I came away with a greater knowledge of my own strengths, default conflict resolution and leadership styles, as well as an understanding of how I can optimize my abilities to be an asset to any team I am a part of. I feel that through this I have gained an advantage in the professional world, because I am attuned to my blind spots, and I have been given the language to articulate what I bring to the table.

The work I have done at Connection 101 dovetails with both my academic and professional interests as a psychology major pursuing a career in advertising. Throughout my time as an intern, I conducted psychology research and was able to put the concepts I studied into practice in the Connection 101 workshops. I plan to use my fascination with psychology and human connection to better my understanding of how I can relate to a target audience in the advertising industry. In terms of experience with advertising itself, I was very grateful to have the chance to work with the marketing team at Connection 101—writing copy, going through the editing process and learning about marketing strategy. I have no doubt that the connections I formed and experience I gained at Connection 101 will be helpful as I continue my career path. I am immensely thankful to the ’68 Center and Mr. and Mrs. Case for making this opportunity possible for me. This is such a great program.