Sara Sánchez Alarcón ’23.5

Resilience, Inc., Tampa, FL

This summer I had the opportunity to try my hand at working with Resilience Inc., a medium-sized nonprofit that focuses on providing K-12 schools their social emotional learning curriculum and tools. Their aim is to develop students’ mindfulness in their mental health in the hopes of correcting many oversights in students’ education. Throughout the summer, I worked in the Spanish translation team, one of several language teams. I had the chance to dip into multiple translation projects until I finally landed on one that was the most meaningful to me, which was working on translating one-on-one guided conversations between teachers and students on a variety of topics, such as procrastination, problem resolution and forming healthy relationships. Finally, after a few weeks of orienting myself with my work, I applied to become the translation team manager, where a large part of my role was delegating assignments and holding team meetings. I only wish this had been an in-person internship, because we would all have benefited from constant interaction.

One of the features of my internship and of the organization that I really enjoyed was the need to communicate and cooperate with team members. Both from this internship as well as other working experience, I have a clear understanding that I love speaking with people and forming connections. I love facilitating conversation, getting each member’s contribution and exchanging feedback. I was also passionate about the organization’s values and its mission, and the material I worked with at every step was something I deeply believed in. I think something wonderful that has come from this opportunity is that I am now convinced to find a career in education, such as working in an administrative position at a school or as a teacher.

I am ready to continue searching for internship and career opportunities that are rewarding and meaningful, particularly those where the goal is helping children and young people. I am always in awe of how much a helping hand can do for someone like me, and it’s this belief that drives me forward. I am happy to take the next steps in my career and weigh the options between continuing my education after Williams or jumping right into the field after college. There is also a plethora of teaching fellowships to explore and employers to research. While I’ve always known I want a career that works for a greater good, I feel more secure about where that calling is. I’m confident in what my goals are for this following year, and now it’s time to start working toward them. Once again, reaching this level of self-assurance is due in great part to the support for this internship and from the ’68 Center and their investment in my future.