Julia Friedberg ’23

Julia Friedberg working on a presentation.

Hoosac Valley Regional School District, Cheshire, MA This summer, I interned remotely at Hoosac Valley Regional School District, a public, high-needs district that spans K-12, with nearly half of the students qualifying for IEP plans or other accommodations. My position was to assist the district administration—many of whom were brand… Continue reading »

Jennifer Canovas ’22.5

Jennifer Canovas in a virtual meeting.

Pittsfield Public Schools, Pittsfield, MA During my first interview with a Pittsfield Public School system employee, I learned that local schools do not have a unified social studies curriculum. Essentially, up until this point teachers were struggling to provide students the content necessary to meet the Massachusetts social studies standards. Continue reading »

Brady Carlos ’24

Brady Carlos

Alliance Susan and Eric Smidt Technology High School, Los Angeles, CA My internship at Alliance Susan and Eric Smidt Technology High School (a.k.a. Alliance Smidt Tech) gave me the opportunity to see the different roles and responsibilities that are needed to run a high school in a low-income community. I… Continue reading »

Rwick Sarkar ’23.5

Rwick Sarkar displaying student work.

Breakthrough Greater Boston, Cambridge, MA This summer, I worked as a teaching fellow with Breakthrough Greater Boston (BTGB), a nonprofit organization that works with students across the country through 24 regional affiliates. BTGB serves students in public schools in Somerville and Cambridge and a handful of charter schools in Boston. Continue reading »

Eddy Lee ’24

Eddy Lee at work.

21st Century Community Learning Center, Pittsfield, MA This summer I had the amazing opportunity to work in Pittsfield with the 21st Community Learning Center as a middle school teacher. I worked with Reid Middle School for my Winter Study as a writing intern for the month of January and loved… Continue reading »

Amy Lemuz-Guerra ’24

Amy Lemuz-Guerra working.

Pittsfield Public Schools, Pittsfield, MA Pittsfield Public Schools are a Title-1 school district that serves high-need communities. Their mission is to improve their ELA and social studies curriculum so that they may focus more on cultural diversity and social justice. The district believes that their current education system should discontinue… Continue reading »

David Wignall ’25

David Wignall and the other summer teaching fellows.

Breakthrough Summerbridge, San Francisco, CA Summerbridge is a three-year academic enrichment program that helps underrepresented students navigate the San Francisco educational environment. Every summer, 100 students spend eight weeks attending academic classes, meeting with advisors, participating in extracurriculars and enjoying (hopefully) a gamut of social activities. The program provides a… Continue reading »

Amelia Levitt-Smith ’23

Amelia Levitt-Smith at work.

Central European University, Austria This summer I had the opportunity to work as a research assistant for the rector and dean of the Central European University (CEU). The Central European University was founded by philanthropist George Soros and is an institution of advanced research and teaching, dedicated to socially and… Continue reading »

Shiina Sekimoto ’23

Shiina Sekimoto working with students.

Ryugaku Fellowship, Japan This summer, I interned at a Japanese nonprofit organization Ryugaku Fellowship (aka Ryu-Fellow.) Ryu-Fellow’s mission is to provide Japanese high school students with the education, opportunities and information necessary for them to become leaders of their own lives—to actively take the initiative, make decisions and find passion… Continue reading »

Bernard Wongibe ’25

Bernard Wongibe in a virtual meeting.

Misongi, Cameroon The aim of this report is to present information on the activities I carried out as an intern at the Misongi College Access Program in Cameroon. I worked a hybrid schedule (a combination of virtual and in-person sessions) under the supervision of Veronique Hob-Hob ’13. The in-person work… Continue reading »

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