Ella Napack ’23

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Brooklyn, NY

This summer, I interned at the Brooklyn Daily Eagle in Brooklyn, N.Y. The newspaper is available both in print and digitally, with a daily digital newsletter sent out as well. I was an editorial intern, but my responsibilities ranged from article writing and covering events, photography, social media management and website design. I greatly enjoyed all the projects that I worked on, specifically the ones that involved writing articles.

Ella Napack during an interview.My favorite piece was about the Brooklyn Family Justice Center, which is part of the mayor’s Office to End Domestic and Gender-Based Violence, and has become the model of a successful resource center for survivors of domestic and gender-based violence. I was led on a tour of the Center and was part of a discussion with survivors in which I heard beautiful stories about how the program has aided them out of difficult relationships and situations due to the vast network of resources and services provided. The Center is unique in that it provides “one-stop shopping,” placing lawyers, police, dedicated domestic violence prosecutors, counselors, clergy and other service providers under one roof. I felt that it was very meaningful to be able to spread awareness about the stellar local resources available at the Brooklyn Family Justice Center. I also was able to meet and interview Kings County District Attorney Eric Gonzales, who is very involved in the Brooklyn Family Justice Center project.

I also enjoyed a longer article I wrote about Brooklyn author Meredith Westgate and their novel The Shimmering State. I was able to conduct an extended interview with Meredith and cherished hearing and learning about a book I loved. The interview was published both as a written piece and a podcast, and I am very appreciative that I was able to try another form of media journalism.

Within my internship, I also restarted many of the social media pages for the Brooklyn Daily Eagle that had been dormant for quite some time. I was able to offer editorial input through the lens of what stories would gain traction online, and that was a very interesting angle from which to analyze journalism.

As an aspiring journalist, this internship provided me with tangible experiences that taught me much about the inner workings of a daily publication. I learned a lot about what it means to be on an editorial team and how decisions are made when you are under the pressure of a daily deadline.

I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to work in person this summer. I learned so much from the experience, and I am thankful to have been supported by Williams and the ’68 Center for Career Exploration.