Andrew Chong ’25

StandardDAO, Georgetown, KY

StandardDAO is a global treasury that is managed by a decentralized community. The treasury is backed by real-world assets represented on the blockchain by StandardDAO’s own token. Standard uses this treasury to fund “community-led ESG investing mandates” worldwide. My research at Standard buttressed their mission and allowed for the synthesis of scattered, scarce information on blockchain, Web3, DeFi, NFTs and crypto—specifically as these topics relate to regulation. The first project I worked on was in collaboration with three other colleagues. We wanted to provide a strong resource to educate people on decentralized finance (DeFi). Because DeFi is such an expansive and relatively complex topic, we divided the proposal into several sections so that each contributor could fully immerse themself in a specific designation. I took on DeFi risks, where I dove into general hesitance from the public, crypto instability, smart contract exploitations and internal and exogenous protocol risks, among other things. After finishing this research, I led a research proposal of my own called “Banking the Unbanked.” I explored the use of digital wallets as a solution to economic oppression and inaccessibility. Lastly, I worked on a proposal that covered NFTs, their role in the Metaverse, risks and merits, and related regulations.

Andrew Chong shows laptop.In February 2022, I started working at a part-time internship with a blockchain infrastructure company. I had heard about crypto and NFTs and blockchain but really had no clue about what these terms meant in the context of my life or society. My work at StandardDAO has allowed me to greatly deepen my relationship with and understanding of these topics and has further piqued my interest in blockchain technology. I firmly believe that blockchain will be game-changing in terms of online privacy, accessibility and operability. One insight this internship taught me is that I want to be on the financial side of blockchain as opposed to the technological side. While I do think that the development of this technology is extremely interesting and important, I realized that I am much more interested in its potential applications, specifically in its capacity to revolutionize current global financial systems. Thus, I feel motivated to continue interacting with blockchain and staying up-to-date on the latest developments but also hope to establish a solid understanding of financial concepts. I will continue to take courses in economics with the dream of one day starting a blockchain-focused financial institution.

I am so profoundly grateful to have been able to learn so much, meet many like-minded people and support my journey as I move toward post-graduate endeavors. This internship experience has encouraged me to keep digging deeper into blockchain, and I can’t wait to be part of the next internet revolution.