Elijah Parks ’23

Coordinate Studios, Washington, D.C.

This summer was full of excitement and learning opportunities during my internship with Coordinate Studios in their Washington, D.C., and New York City locations. Working at the best musical and production studio in the nation’s capital allowed me to face challenges that led to me building numerous skills. Being involved in the business side of music, I gained extremely valuable experience and capitalized on the opportunity to expand my managerial skills.

Working with the team at Coordinate Studios, I learned how to create spreadsheets and displays for the company’s finances and give presentations to a team of professionals. I learned how much work is involved in the music business when it comes to scheduling and managing a calendar. The studio is very busy, and it was my job to manage a very full calendar and help the business schedule recording artists and meetings effectively and efficiently. Through these responsibilities, I gained valuable transferable skills that will serve me well in the future as I transition into my professional career after my time at Williams.

Coordinate Studios recently rebranded and merged with an artist management company. As a result, I helped with day-to-day tasks that helped ensure a smooth transition. This merger also created additional projects such as live productions and listening sessions.

The experience of working at Coordinate Studios has provided me with valuable insight as to what it is like to work in the music business. I now know just how much hard work goes into running a studio like Coordinate. Since my first internship experience with a production student was remote due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, I felt that I had a better opportunity to connect with the team at Coordinate Studios and establish important professional relationships with the other employees and the management team, which I will be able to utilize as I establish a professional career, possibly on the management side of the music industry.

I am very grateful for this summer work experience. I was able to establish important professional relationships that I made with the team at Coordinate Studios and gained valuable management skills and experience that I otherwise would not have been able to.