Allison Geis ’24

Access Theater, New York, NY

This summer I had the opportunity to work remotely for Access Theater, a small, nonprofit organization that aims to support emerging artists and uplift diverse voices. Access Theater produces original work as well as reimagined classics. They also support artists in the community by serving as a venue and hosting writing workshops.

Over the summer, my fellow interns and I were tasked with several different projects, ranging from administrative work to data logging to grant writing. I worked mainly for Jackie Christy, the founder and executive director of Access Theater. Under Jackie’s direction, I had the privilege of working on her debut feature film. Most of my time was devoted to helping with ADR, or automated dialogue replacement, which is a vital part of the post-production process. I worked to make sure all of the lines from the movie that needed to be rerecorded in the studio were written, logged and given to the actors. I also provided on-call support to Jackie during the recording sessions in case she needed any timestamps or lines. Another one of my long-term tasks was logging the dailies (unedited footage shot on a specific day) in a Google drive. I got the chance to see every single take of most of the scenes in the film. I really enjoyed doing this task, as I got to see what goes into the production of the film as well as the editing and organization in the post. I am grateful for this opportunity to get a better understanding of the post-production stages of filmmaking. One of my final tasks was location scouting for a script that my internship advisor, Laura Lee ’17, was in the pre-production stages of. I had the opportunity to read the script during the early stages and to find locations in New York City that could be used for shooting scenes. This was a particularly interesting task because I had never considered all that went into these stages of filmmaking. I am excited to apply the skills and knowledge I have acquired to future endeavors.

Due to my experience this summer, I would like to further explore sound editing through a class at Williams or my upcoming abroad program. Going forward, I would also like to learn more about screenwriting and the development of scripts in the film industry.

As I pursue a career in filmmaking, I do not doubt that I will find great value in all that I have learned during this internship with Access Theater. Not only will these skills help me in future personal and professional projects but they will also be of great benefit to me during my upcoming year abroad at Prague Film School.

It is with great thanks to the ’68 Center for Career Exploration that I was given the opportunity to intern for Access Theater this summer. I am endlessly appreciative of this experience, and I will walk away from it with fond memories and valuable skills.