Yuchan Kim ’24

Global Cultural Asset Management, North Adams, MA

I worked as a Research Intern at the art consulting firm Global Cultural Asset Management (GCAM) over the summer. As a rising sophomore with interest in working in the art world, the experience of working at GCAM was the perfect way to gain important skill sets for an art career and further hone my interest in the industry. Not only was the internship helpful for my career, it also was a chance to be part of a team that left me with interesting, exciting, and enjoyable memories.

Yuchan Kim hanging a spreadsheet.
Hanging up one of the spreadsheets I made in the exhibition research process.

Global Cultural Asset Management is in North Adams and provides advice and service for governments, institutions, corporations, foundations, and individuals that want to engage in the expansion of art, culture, and art museums in a global economy. The firm is currently focusing on three large projects: the Extreme Model Railroad and Contemporary Architecture Museum to be built in North Adams; the Digital Art Museum to be built in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; and the Diriyah Art Oasis to be built in Ad Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. Not only does GCAM provide consulting services to other entities that are building institutions, it adheres to the North Adams Cultural Development Master Plan to erect multiple new museums and attractions that can revitalize the North Adams economy, turning the city into the cultural center of the United States.

My role was to research artists, exhibitions, and other data to produce databases and presentation decks for the Extreme Model Railroad and Contemporary Architecture Museum (EMRCA) and the Digital Art Museum (DAM). I specialized in benchmarking major institutions and exhibitions, creating databases for feasibility studies, and curating artists and exhibitions for digital media museums. For example, I spent a significant portion of my time creating databases of established exhibitions of the world, making a comprehensive review of emerging and established artists, then reading out important trends of museum exhibitions. I then used this knowledge to design exhibitions specifically for the EMRCA or DAM.

I loved my work at GCAM. I was involved in a lot of projects that 
normally would not be offered to interns, and I had the opportunity to see my work actually used in the process. Since the business was run by a relatively small team dealing with high-profile tasks, interns were able to contribute concrete details to the tasks at hand. Unlike most internships where interns are often given an opportunity to observe and experiment, GCAM was a great environment for me to challenge myself and gain hands-on experience to skillsets quintessential for 
the industry.

My experience at GCAM has taught me that I do have a passion for working in the art world and to view art industries from a holistic inter-departmental perspective. I would like to continue my career searching journey by trying more engaging job opportunities such as curatorial positions, marketing positions, or education positions. I want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Case along with the ’68 Center for Career Exploration for supporting my remarkable summer experience.