Will Swindell ’22

Run the Moon, San Bruno, CA

I had the pleasure of working for a company called Run the Moon, a startup that is in the very early stages located in the California Bay Area. Run the Moon is a 220 mile “visionary” virtual race that empowers the participant to immerse themselves in self-reflection and to become the best version of themselves. As the name of the company suggests, this race takes place virtually on the moon, and participants can watch as their avatar automatically advances across the lunar surface, all while participating in activities for self-improvement. As an intern, my role was on the technological side, which entailed just about anything related to IT. Some of my specific tasks included a complete overhaul and redesign of the company website, the implementation of a back-end tracking system, and collaboration with PWR Lab, which is Run the Moon’s technological partner. While my responsibilities were overall much broader than these specific tasks, I spent most of my time this summer on these projects.

Intens at Yosemite Falls.
Me and my fellow interns at the summit of Yosemite Falls.

With regards to my experience, the tasks outlined above were certainly a test of my abilities. While I had previously had some experience with the tools, software, and programming languages required to complete these projects, much of my time was spent learning and improving my proficiency with these skills and tools. Entering this summer, I think my general desire for a career path was as simple as “working in software,” but after this internship experience, I have learned that this is far too broad of a focus, and I need to really hone down what it is I want to do within the tech industry. When it comes to software design, it is pretty much impossible for one person to adequately design and implement technological solutions for an entire company. The skills and knowledge required are simply too varied for any one person to undertake and still deliver up to industry standards. While I feel that I did great work this summer, I recognize that with my level of experience, working for an established company with mentors and role models will be incredibly beneficial for my career development. That is not to say that I was not incredibly grateful to have this opportunity over the summer. I gained an overwhelming amount of experience and feel that my ability to work independently and creatively has increased greatly, but some more pointed guidance regarding software design would have been a plus.

Overall, I am so fortunate to have had this experience at Run the Moon, and I feel that I am a much more efficient, creative, and well-rounded worker. I am very thankful to the Case Family and the ’68 Center for Career Exploration, as they have been so instrumental in my career development.