Timothy Forth ’24

Power Management, LLC, Victor, NY

This past summer I interned at Power Management Company. Power Management is engaged in the energy consulting, management and procurement business, and helps clients to reduce energy costs by providing them with strategies to increase their energy efficiency and matching them with energy providers. The company also helps its clients implement energy sustainability projects to reduce their carbon emissions. This internship allowed me to develop an understanding of regulated and unregulated energy markets and how businesses can proactively manage their energy costs.

A day at the office.

While at Power Management, I had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects that exposed me to different aspects of the company’s business. My first big project involved analysis of Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging stations. Consumers and commercial fleets need a robust network of EV charging stations in order to be effective. Power Management is undertaking an analysis of this emerging market as a potential new investment and service offering for clients. I was tasked with learning how to use EValuateNY, which is a database that reports New York State EV station usage. Using this database, I analyzed EV station charging behavior through a number of different metrics and developed reports that offered management insight on whether EV stations would be a viable new service offering. As part of the analysis project I also researched and wrote a report on the different tax incentives offered by states for building EV station infrastructure. From this aspect of the project I learned that states provide a variety of financial incentives, namely in the form of grants, tax credits, and rebates, to stimulate private investment in EV stations, which promotes an underlying policy rationale of decarbonization.

I also had the opportunity to work with the Power Management sales team. In order to prepare for effective sales calls with potential clients, I assisted in gathering valuable information including analyzing utility consumption and rate history, credit history, geographical footprint with regulated market opportunities, and available government and utility-based incentive programs. I found large dairy farmers a particularly interesting group of potential clients because they have many opportunities to reduce their electrical energy consumption by changing management practices for milk harvesting, cooling and storing, ventilation, and lighting. While visiting with these clients, I gained insight in how clients place value in working with an organization that understands how energy markets work, educates clients on the available options for purchasing energy tailored to their specific operating dynamics, and aggregates client purchases with similarly situated customers. Following these sales calls, I generated reports for the sales team that captured the important information discussed. This aspect of the internship provided me with insight into how Power Management takes the time to educate their clients on the market trends rather than simply trying to sell to them.

I want to thank the ’68 Center for Career Exploration and James D. Marver ’72 for this outstanding opportunity to grow professionally and personally.