Sammie Seamon ’23

Kountable, San Francisco, CA

Over the summer, I was the Creative Nonfiction intern for Kountable. As part of a team composed of students from different academic disciplines, we worked collaboratively on many projects throughout the two months of our internship, including graphic design projects, writing briefs, building customer support, and conducting research on the competitive landscape for the platform. We joined at a crucial time for the company, in which Kountable is making a large shift towards an upgraded platform that includes supply chain management solutions, verification solutions, and much more for their SMEs and large buyers. Kountable has had a short but powerful history of expanding small businesses around the world, and is a wide global network with teams in Kenya, Rwanda, and 
the Netherlands.

Sammie with an infographic they designed.
I designed this infographic for Kountable.

I also worked on some off-shoot projects independently; as I primarily filled a writing function, I wrote a lot of articles for Kountable’s Help Desk, their customer support application with user documentation and instructions for the new platform. This involved learning the platform closely, editing screenshots on Adobe Photoshop, and communicating user documentation in a clear and concise manner. Another large project I performed was designing seven solution brief templates that outline the major functions of the new platform, in order to engage with different types of industries. These were completely designed in Adobe InDesign and were transferred from my fellow interns’ ideas and research. I have graphic design experience from past internships, so it was fun to apply my pre-existing skills while helping my co-workers with Adobe software. This was my favorite project, as it was the most creative and produced a lot of content for the company. I also helped write and design a nine-page brief titled “Supplier Development,” and assisted on a similar project for “Distributor Development.” Each of these projects required a research period beforehand on literature on supplier development.

My internship at Kountable was my first exposure to an entrepreneurial startup working in tech and business development. I never thought I would enjoy researching consulting firms or business solutions, but I found that I could apply my writing and design skills even into this highly corporate sector and learn a lot. At Williams I focus on creative writing as an English and Spanish double major, and was honestly surprised to see a creative position opened by a company like Kountable. It taught me that my undergraduate skills can already be applied to a variety of settings, whether more corporate or creative. This experience has broadened my view of post-graduate work, and how writing skills are essential and needed in every industry. I appreciate the value that the company saw in our contributions, and that our internship will be useful as Kountable takes a big step forward. Our supervisor, Danielle, was also great and opened this internship for us to explore and learn what we were interested 
in professionally.

I would like to thank the Case Family and the ’68 Center for Career Exploration for providing me with this opportunity; I had an incredible time working with Kountable and my fellow interns, and learned useful skills while developing pre-existing ones.