Pierre Cativiela ’24

Kountable, San Francisco, CA

I worked as a Studio Arts/Film and Media Studies intern at Kountable over the summer. The company is based in San Francisco but also has teams in Kenya, Rwanda, and the Netherlands. Despite my internship being remote, I regularly interacted with several departments and learned about Kountable’s trade finance in addition to my design work.

Kountable offers a cloud-based platform to connect small entrepreneurs with resources to enter the global supply chain. The startup primarily works with clients in Kenya and Rwanda, where access to funding frequently limits growth for small businesses. Kountable serves as an intermediary for organizations looking to invest in these SMEs, offering small businesses a more secure way to receive capital and operate their supply chains.

My tasks varied week to week, but my work typically centered on graphic design. I developed reports for the company’s supplier development and distributor development initiatives. My biggest project involved an overhaul of the website’s infographics and marketing materials. I also worked on market development in the Middle East, researching the role of supply chains in Saudi smart cities, and helping create a deliverable for smart city project managers interested in working with Kountable. The projects familiarized me with Kountable’s larger ESG strategy and its efforts to further the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Twice a week, I was part of a teamwide discussion of the company’s plans. This was easily my favorite part of 
working at a startup. Our team of creative interns was constantly up-to-date on product development, marketing, and plans for growth. Exposure to so many facets of the organization was a distinct advantage to working at a 
small company.

I have several key takeaways from working at Kountable. Most of all, I enjoyed the pace of working at a startup. Each day I found myself constantly learning new skills to keep up with the rest of the company. I didn’t, for instance, start with any graphic design skills, which became the main skill required by my position. The work I was asked to do always expanded the scope of my position, perfect for college students like myself looking to maximize 
experience. I also benefited from seeing Kountable function internationally. With teams across the world, the company’s ability to work across borders stood out as one of Kountable’s greatest strengths. As someone hoping to work internationally in the future, this was a crucial aspect of my experience.

I am extremely grateful to the Case Family for this opportunity. I would also like to thank the ’68 Center for Career Exploration, especially Tonio Palmer and Dawn Dellea, for supporting my work with Kountable, and Danielle, Chris, and the rest of the Kountable team for welcoming me into their company this summer. Lastly, I want to thank my team of fellow Williams interns. This has been a summer to remember.