Nate Orluk ’22

Connection 101, Norwich, VT

Over the summer, I worked at a remote startup called Connection 101, a company built around improving relationships and helping people live better lives, both personally and professionally.

Nate working at their desk.
Working at my desk!

A primary focus of my summer experience was improving my writing skills. I achieved this through a leadership role on a marketing email project, where I wrote emails on various aspects of our program to be sent out as sort of snippets. Because we were writing for a serious audience, I had to refine both my writing and editing. I was fortunate enough to work with a few incredibly smart co-workers who would often peer-review my work. Their comments were integral in the growth process, and I cannot wait to see how much that helps me in this upcoming academic year.

Another focus of my internship was on research. Through interviews, I gained information about anything from marketing materials to business questions. I also put together a database of participants in our workshops that automatically imports all of the information we need to conduct effective research, and quickly turns it into useful graphs and the like. This project taught me how to think about research and what might be interesting to pursue, 
but also gave me very valuable hard skills in Excel and Google Sheets as well as in the art of interviewing people.

I also learned a lot about running a business. Connection 101 is a small company, so I was able to be involved with a lot of their business decisions. I was asked my opinions, allowed to think creatively, and also just see how some really smart people run an up and coming business. I learned how to use different software 
to most efficiently organize and assign work, run a team, and interact with clients and other people outside of the company. I would love to own my own business someday, and the skills I learned this summer will be a good foundation.

Lastly, I want to thank the ’68 Center and the Case Family for making this opportunity possible. I genuinely cannot thank you enough for your generosity.