Mia Kabillio ’23

Lit, Boston, MA

This summer, I worked as a Marketing Associate for an education technology startup called Lit—a website designed for teachers, students, and independent learners focusing on language acquisition. Their English and Spanish language libraries offer a wide range of stories with customizable post-work that includes listening, reading, writing, and speaking exercises for exciting content that can be used for students of all ages. The company is based in Boston, but I was working remotely.

Mia in a Lit t-shirt.
Me in my Lit company t-shirt.

Since Lit is a fairly new company, one of the main goals for our team was spreading word about the product and gaining consistent users throughout schools in the U.S. and Mexico. One of my first responsibilities was to take over control of all of Lit’s social media accounts. I was in charge of creating a posting schedule, building a larger and more consistent following, and updating the accounts with the company’s progress on a weekly basis. I was also responsible for creating a marketing plan that best utilized the company’s resources. Through that process, I gained a lot of experience designing email campaigns to send out to educators and investors that served to promote our product, and I worked to track the progress of our different marketing initiatives to see which ones were the most effective.

Over the course of my internship, it was rewarding to see how Lit’s users and followers became more engaged in our content, whether it was through increased product sales, or just more consistent likes, comments, and shares on our social media posts. I also appreciated having the opportunity to create and manage my own projects, as it gave me the chance to work outside of my comfort zone, while also providing me with a better understanding of how marketing teams are run. I also enjoyed being able to work on a mix of creative projects and seeing how the work I was doing influenced the success of the company in different ways. Whether it be through new product sales, increased social media followers, or contact with new investors, it was very fulfilling to see how much growth occurred within the company over the 10 weeks that I was there.

Lit team in a Zoom meeting.
Full Lit team meeting with interns and co-founders.

Even though the internship was remote, I still had the opportunity to work closely with the other interns on project collaborations, as well as the CEO and co-founder, Mati Amin ’12. Through our weekly check-in meetings, it was great to be able to hear about Mati’s own experiences and learn about his career path, as well as to learn about the different career opportunities that are available to Williams students. More importantly, this internship has solidified my interest in the marketing field. I enjoyed being able to experience many of the large variety of projects that are available through this type of work, and I now know which areas I want to explore.

I am extremely grateful for this introduction into the marketing field, and I’d like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Case for this extremely valuable internship opportunity.