Meaghan McCarthy ’23

Galvan London, New York, NY

I had the pleasure of interning at the New York office of the luxury fashion company Galvan London, in their PR department. Galvan is a company designed by and run by women for women. It was founded in London in 2014 with the fashion mission: to redefine evening wear for the modern-day. The brand has evolved to address all parts of one’s polished wardrobe and strives to make women feel empowered to enter all situations. The company has a global presence, with employees all over the world. Shortly after it was launched, many celebrities supported the brand for its timeless, wearable gowns. Galvan kicked off their first red carpet celebrity dressing with Gwyneth Paltrow, Sienna Miller, and Rihanna in 2015, and has maintained a great reputation among its celebrity following.

At the Galvan Studio in NYC.
Last day of my internship at the Galvan Studio in NYC!

I joined the team as the company was releasing its new Fall collection. So right from the start, both the creative team and business team were collaborating to ensure a successful launch. I attended weekly meetings with the creative team including the designer-director. I also attended meetings with the sales team to discuss the impact of certain product appearances and learn the buy updates on the new line. I managed all sample trafficking, organized all the press clothing samples in the store as well as managed the sample Excel sheet. After each week, I sent out an “editorial weekly” to update everyone on various appearances or mentions throughout the media, and I learned how to calculate different metrics such as user influence, intention rate, and outreach on social media posts. In addition, I handled all inquiries and the daily communication with the celebrity stylists, magazine editors, and department stores. I worked to provide sample options for each of the celebrity requests. One of my more memorable experiences involved managing an in-person celebrity studio appointment. I worked directly with the actress Zosia Mamet and her stylist to pick out a dress for her red-carpet appearance. I was able to add my input and provide recommendations for styling choices.

I learned so much this summer, as this was my first exposure to the fashion industry. I was introduced to new terminologies as well the various nuances of the fashion market/calendar. Furthermore, I was able to grow and develop a network of contacts and connections that I have in the fashion industry, an area that I am hoping to pursue after graduation. My most valuable achievement, however, was on a personal level. I realized how far a strong work ethic and sense of determination can take me. Furthermore, I showed myself that I could live in and navigate a new city while also surviving the stresses of a job in a new industry. For all these reasons and more, I owe the sincerest thanks to the entire team of people who enabled me to learn and grow so that I would be better prepared for my future after Williams.