Maya Jamroz ’23

Reclaim Childhood, Jordan

This summer I interned for Reclaim Childhood (RC). Founded by two Williams alumnae, Anouk Dey ’09 and Katherine Krieg Fischer ’08, Reclaim Childhood is a Jordan-based nonprofit which creates safe and inclusive spaces for refugee and local girls in Jordan to thrive by playing sports, working with coaches, and building community. RC runs year-round sports programming in the form of after school programs, summer camp, and a leadership program called Qudarti, and intentionally hires female coaches from diverse backgrounds, who then recruit program participants from their own communities.

Interning remotely.

While I had hoped to be onsite in Jordan, I was the first ever remote summer intern. I learned about Reclaim Childhood from Professor Magnus Bernhardsson, Chair of Arabic Studies and Brown Professor of History (who also happens to be my history advisor). RC encapsulated my intersecting interests in female empowerment, Middle East history, and sports. Being a relatively small organization, RC afforded me great exposure to the many facets of nonprofit work. I assisted on numerous projects, covering everything from the hiring process, budgets, social media, data visualization, and grant applications to writing newsletters and blog posts.

I was involved in three long-term projects. First, I was tasked with redesigning the Goals for Girls one-pager that would be sent to sports teams to help them understand the fundraiser initiative. In addition, I created Goals for Girls fundraiser email templates for teams to use, incorporating feedback from a meeting with a college team captain who participated in Goals for Girls.

Second, I authored a blog post on sports and girls, drawing on research studies as well as language from the United Nations about the importance of empowering girls through sport. I received extremely helpful feedback on my first draft from a junior board member, and learned so much from them on how to organize a blog post and draw the reader in.

Lastly, I researched and found potential grant opportunities for RC. The application process re-solidified the importance of a cohesive narrative and further sharpened my writing skills and the art of repurposing previous grant language. I also created the grant project proposal, in essence asking for the grant to allow RC to expand into a new neighborhood. I designed a detailed budget proposal that broke down everything the money would be used for. A tedious part of the process was making sure everything I had in my budget matched up with my answers to the grant questions.

I really enjoyed my internship with RC and I am so thankful to the Kraft Family for their wonderful generosity and for helping make this incredible opportunity possible. This internship allowed me to learn about the intricacies of nonprofit work and provided me exposure to the sports development sector.

My time working at RC further reinforced my desire to pursue 
a social impact-related career path. I hope to build off of my internship with Reclaim Childhood and by writing my thesis 
on the nexus of sports, nationalism, and politics in the Middle East from a female empowerment perspective. I also hope to 
get involved with the Goals for Girls initiative back at Williams.