Matthew Freitas ’23

A Shot For Life, Hanover, MA

This summer, I had the opportunity to work as an intern at A Shot For Life (ASFL), a 501(c)(3) 
organization that, through a partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital, raises money for cancer research using sports as a medium. Despite being labeled a college intern, I was given the authority and trust of a full-time staffer throughout my time there, which 
was a gesture that I will always appreciate.

Intern staff.
The 2021 ASFL Massachusetts Challenge in Hanover.

I had two main purposes 
as a member of the ASFL 
community. The first was 
contributing to the continuation and growth of our preexisting fundraising events. I staffed our annual ASFL Challenges, which are shooting competitions for the top high school basketball players in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Those two events together raised over $70,000! In addition to these events, I helped plan and organize the ASFL Gauntlet, a 24-hour basketball game and fundraiser that takes place in November, with a goal of over $200,000 fundraised being remarkably attainable. My second responsibility was building a brand-new event, for which I served as one of the main architects. While yet to be unannounced, I am hopeful that this event will bring a new community into the ASFL family and become one of our highest fundraising events in its first year.

In terms of personal development, I can’t imagine a better way to have grown this summer. Not only was this my first opportunity to appreciate the behind-the-scenes work and sacrifices of the nonprofit sector, but it was a great way to be educated in the realms of communication, marketing, and fundraising. This was a fast-paced and dynamic workplace, and I was required to solve problems and find solutions every single day.

With the flexibility and financial resources provided by the Alumni Sponsored Internship Program, I was able to dedicate myself fully to the continued growth of the organization and its fight against brain cancer. Down the road, I would love to seek out a graduate degree in public administration, public policy, or law, and I am confident that this experience has strengthened my pedigree and prepared me for those potential next steps.

I wish to extend my gratitude to the Class of 1951 who helped make this possible, as well as to all at A Shot For Life who made my summer both exciting and worthwhile.