Magdalen York ’21.5

Kountable, San Francisco, CA

Kountable is a terrific tech startup whose goal is to create an online platform for small businesses to get in touch with potential buyers of their product. Kountable recognizes that many businesses don’t have the resources to find business partners and one of Kountable’s goals is increasing efficient communication between buyers and sellers.

View in Alaska.
Working from public use cabins in Alaska.

As the cognitive science intern, I worked mainly with the four other Williams interns to create marketing documents. I enjoyed this very much, given the collaborative nature of many of our projects, because the other interns were also extremely hard workers and effective communicators. I worked on many projects during my time with Kountable, including creating white papers to be sent out to potential users of our platform. I also helped compile information about our potential users in order to cater to their specific needs.

A main skill I have taken away from this internship is the ability to create graphics used for marketing documents. Before this internship, I had zero experience in graphic design and this is a tool I now will carry into whatever career I chose to pursue in the future. Working with Kountable also helped me expand my professional and technological knowledge and vocabulary. I feel much better equipped to communicate precisely and effectively in this new language. I also strengthened my collaborative, team working skills. Almost every project I worked on was alongside my fellow interns, so it was necessary to talk every day and keep each other informed on what we were having trouble with, what questions we had, and what new ideas we wanted to pursue.

Kountable did a phenomenal job keeping everyone in the loop. We had daily meetings with our internship supervisor and thrice weekly meetings with the entire company, including the CEO and founder, Chris Hale ’00, where everyone took a few minutes to explain what they were working on, if they had any blockers and if they needed help from anyone else in the company. I valued these meetings greatly, as they gave me a look into what it would be like to pursue a career in the tech startup industry. It would not have been possible to have such an outstanding experience with Kountable if it had not been for my fantastic co-workers.

Thanks to Danielle Russell, my internship supervisor at Kountable for being so gracious and understanding, and thank you to the Case Family and the ’68 Center for Career Exploration—without your help I would not have been able to embark on this journey with Kountable that has altered my life and career path in the best way possible.