Kent Barbir ’24

Mindyra, Darien, CT

I spent this summer working with Mindyra, a healthcare technology company focused on helping providers connect patients with adequate and effective behavioral healthcare. Mindyra employs a variety of public domain and proprietary assessments as well as data analytics to support healthcare practitioners in providing their patients with mental health treatment tailored to their specific needs. As a research and financial analyst intern, I was able to get involved with both the clinical and business aspects of the company.

Most of my work was done in my own room
on my laptop.

The first two weeks of the internship were mostly devoted to familiarizing myself with the company’s mission and software. I worked alongside another intern, and our supervisor, Connor Patros, was extremely helpful answering all of our questions throughout the process and was always available to help or discuss ideas. Although the internship was completely remote, as Mindyra functions without an in-person office, we were able to connect several times weekly to discuss our progress.

I took on a variety of roles during my time at Mindyra. Every week, I hosted Zoom office hours for one of Mindyra’s biggest clients, a nationwide behavioral health services provider, and it was rewarding to have a good enough grasp on the software to explain it to other people. I also wrote several weekly blog articles on interesting developments in workplace mental health news and research, giving me the opportunity to sharpen my writing skills that I can take back to classes and my work with the Record.

I also worked on more specific short-term projects with CEO, Bill Battey ’75. As Mindyra is still an early-stage company, much of my work was focused on looking for potential investors and sources of funding to help us grow. Using Pitchbook, a financial market database, I researched comparable public and private market companies to assist in valuation. In addition, I looked for deals involving similar companies to narrow down a list of investors that we could eventually approach for funding. This was my first exposure to the business side of a small startup, and I found it both interesting and useful learning more about the funding process and improving my Excel skills. Finally, along with my co-intern, I researched and gave a presentation to Mindyra’s leadership team on our competitors in the clinical/wellness space.

While I had no prior experience or coursework in the fields of healthcare or psychology, I greatly enjoyed my experience with Mindyra. I learned a lot about the behavioral healthcare industry as well as healthcare technology as a whole. In terms of career goals, I learned that I would enjoy the opportunity to work in a tech-oriented field and develop an innovative new product. Although I am not yet sure of my ultimate career plans, my time at Mindyra has helped me narrow down my interests and gain a better understanding of what I enjoy doing.

I’m deeply grateful to the ’68 Center for Career Exploration and the Shah Family for this opportunity.