Jacob Fink ’23

Lever, Inc., North Adams, MA

This summer was extremely impactful regarding my development as a student and professional. From my first day on the job, my co-workers at Lever were extremely courteous and created an efficient work environment. Although my title was management consulting intern, I came in not exactly knowing what that would entail, as I had not done consulting work before. Brent Filson, Head of Innovation at Lever and my supervisor, was aware—he spent the first week getting us up to speed and ensuring we were prepared to take on client projects.

The management consulting team enjoying some sushi at lunch!

After the first week, our work consisted mostly of taking on clients and doing market research, competitive analyses, with some recommendations as well. We would present our findings in a slide deck and presentation that usually took 20 minutes plus time for questions. After an initial intake meeting and discussing the problem statement with my co-workers, I would be working alone on the project and present it to my supervisor the day before the client presentation to ensure completeness. After an initial learning curve, the final two projects required almost no edits after the aforementioned meeting. One specific client asked our team to look at their opportunities for an innovation in the wellness industry. We extensively researched this area and shared a spreadsheet of over 20 competitors along specific criteria. We included three sections in the slide deck. One looked at ways to improve gamification, another focused on a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats analysis (SWOT), while another looked in depth at competitors.

I believe this internship will be a major point in my young career. I loved the consulting work that I did, and it made me want to explore the field more. I further learned some areas that I need to improve at, such as time management and confidence when I present. My supervisor noticed significant improvement throughout the summer, and we continuously talked to stay in good contact, even on my remote days. This made me feel strong about the economics major, and I think I will try to take courses that allow me to improve on the skills I developed over the course of the summer. In looking at post-grad work, working for a firm such as Lever that has a wonderful mission is exciting to me. I loved the small work environment that promoted active engagement and forced us to do a great job. While a large firm also has many benefits, I thoroughly enjoyed the connections made and the opportunities that I received this summer.

My completion of this internship would not have been possible without the ’68 Center for Career Exploration. Specifically, Dawn Dellea was extremely helpful to me with the application process. Finally, I am beyond grateful to Peter ’79 and Laurie ’79 Thomsen whose generosity contributed in making this experience possible for me and other students to come.