Hassaan Rashid ’23

Global Cultural Asset Management, North Adams, MA

This summer I worked as a Research Analyst for Global Cultural Asset Management, an international firm at the intersection of art, architecture, politics and economics. GCAM provides advice, expertise, and service for governments, institutions, corporations, foundations and individuals in six interceding service business lines related to the expansion of art, culture, and art museums in a global economy. This work has included the design and development of large-scale cultural master plans; the development of museums and exhibition spaces; generating exhibitions, educational programs and content; and developing collections of the most sophisticated contemporary art for aesthetic, educational, social and investment purposes. GCAM has nurtured and developed projects in seven countries in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

My co-workers!

My work entailed identifying and conducting research on key case study benchmarks similar for the proposed museum for the client. Specifically, I conducted quantitative analysis to establish a strategy plan for our projects that included a mission and vision framework, an operating model, an art acquisition and exhibition program, and a business plan and market analysis report. This also entailed researching notable museums worldwide, their success, visitor attendance numbers, and unique attributes, helping us make the argument for why a specific strategy would be appropriate for the museum and/or cultural institution under the plan. It was also really interesting to learn about and participate in the complex art acquisition process for major global museums and understanding the major trends in the industry. Similarly, I learned the crucial element of synthesizing research data from academic journals and gained exposure to interviewing important relevant stakeholders across our case studies. Moreover, I also was staffed on preparing a potential partnership feasibility report between two events, education, and community engagement centers. We looked at major revenue and cost streams such as event programming, ticket sales, sponsorship to quantify the impact of the partnership. Finally, I presented these reports on museum development strategies, feasibility studies, exhibition programming and new business proposals to the company leadership and the GCAM clients.

I am interested in pursuing a career in the consulting industry which utilizes both quantitative and qualitative research skills and data analysis, especially working towards creating a social impact. Through the support of the ’68 Center for Career Exploration and the generosity from Ashesh ’92 and Louise Shah, my work this summer provided me with the exposure of being part of a team of international experts and prominent government stakeholders which has developed my ability to organize, collaborate, and effectively communicate on management projects to produce actionable results. Furthermore, this opportunity pushed me to efficiently communicate 
with my peers and my advisors in an academic environment. I was also able to refine my report preparation and presentation skills by using Excel and PowerPoint. Importantly, because of my interest and knowledge as a history major, I was able to appreciate and critically analyze the cultural impact and shifts in socio-political narratives that museums, cultural centers and art projects play in our society.