Hailey Brown ’24

Think Tutor, Walnut, CA

Think Tutor is an organization that works to provide tutoring for undergraduate and graduate students. They tutor in a range of subjects, including but not limited to statistics, economics, programming, and mathematics. What caught my eye about this internship was the open-endedness and newness of the company. While Think Tutor is an established nonprofit organization, they are at their nascent, and therefore were looking for advice and aid from someone in their target audience. Immediately I began working on increasing their social media presence, and designed and started their first Instagram account. Instagram is the main platform their target audience uses. I made deliverables for posts and Instagram stories using Canva, and designed several by hand using Instagram’s features. Additionally, I composed and wrote blog posts, attempting to increase their content under sub-pages. Think Tutor’s website is well crafted, but there were some inconsistencies (such as with the biographies for each tutor), which I worked to smooth.

I was an intern with Think Tutor.

This last January, I was fortunate enough to work as a social media and marketing intern for Forward, a new healthcare company working to bring healthcare online. The internship was my introduction to the business, marketing, and social media world, and I learned more than I knew I could in one month. As someone interested in creative business such as in human resources and advertising, I wanted some more practice with social media skills. I used what I had learned working for Forward and applied it to Think Tutor, but learned much more. At Think Tutor, I’ve learned the value of working independently and trusting my instincts. I’ve learned advertising vertically (forward), 
while also horizontally (thinking about major competitors, etc.). I’ve also acquired some more specific skills in design.

I am deeply thankful to Matthew Thomas ’17 for helping me along this journey and being continually open minded. I also owe much to the ’68 Center for Career Exploration. I am looking forward to further work!