Elizabeth Welch ’22

Brooks Hill Partners, Waltham, MA

Elizabeth using Excel.
Learning new Excel tricks for analyzing scientific data!

This past summer, I joined Brooks Hill Partners, a life sciences strategy consulting and seed-stage investment firm; and this experience deepened my understanding of the healthcare industry, provided technical experience with scientific publications and slide deck creation, and continued to strengthen my analytical and communication skills. Contributing to the firm’s main consulting project with a global biopharmaceutical company, my responsibilities included working with another intern to conduct a large literature review (900 relevant articles found, 87 prioritized) on a therapeutic indication and synthesize these findings into a concise, narrative-driven slide deck for presentation to the client. Not only did I enjoy learning more about the specific indication, including epidemiology, diagnostics, and treatment, but I gained an appreciation for the iterative process of compiling a myriad of findings into a single presentation while extracting key takeaways along the way. Additionally, discussions with my coworkers throughout the summer piqued my interest in the diversity of consulting case studies with pharmaceutical clients, including valuation analyses and L&A strategy development.

On the venture capital side, I was tasked with becoming an ‘expert’ on a specific space in the healthcare industry in order to identify promising investment opportunities. Deciding to focus on the application of blockchain in healthcare, I learned about the technology’s development, various use cases, and obstacles to implementation while sorting through the array of companies in the space, from large players to startups. Throughout the process, I identified innovative companies aligned with our investment thesis to share with my team, often conducting preliminary diligence and engaging on introductory calls. At the close of my internship, I emerged with a dynamic map of blockchain technology in healthcare and highlighted key areas for future investment.

Building off of previous summer experiences in wet lab research and public health work, this internship has deepened by desire to pursue a career in life sciences consulting or venture capital. I love approaching the industry from these two perspectives, and I am eager to learn more. I cannot thank Mr. and Mrs. Case and the ’68 Center for Career Exploration enough for granting me this amazing opportunity, which will surely guide my pursuits after graduation.