Carolina Skinner ’23

Phil for Colorado, Denver, CO

This summer I interned on the reelection campaign of Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser. Phil Weiser has established a strong commitment to justice as well as the protection of the interests and rights of all Coloradans. His office has demonstrated its capacity to address a variety of challenges Colorado faces—from the opioid crisis, criminal justice reform, voting rights, to the protection of state land, air, and water.

Working from home on a campaign launch project.

I had the unique opportunity to work in the early stages of Phil’s campaign, which allowed me to take on more responsibility and have a closer proximity to the process than I might otherwise have had. In my capacity as an intern, I did research, language translation, event planning, and staffed campaign events. I also was assigned a project in which I examined past messaging from prominent political groups and predicted future messaging and strategy. I was asked to give a presentation of my findings, which was a wonderful [albeit nerve-wracking] opportunity for feedback and strengthening my public speaking skills. Another project I worked on in my first few weeks was a translation of Phil’s campaign website into Spanish. This was one of the first tasks that I completed, and it was great knowing that my work would have a tangible impact on making politics more accessible.

As the summer progressed, I increasingly focused on the outreach component of the campaign. I followed Phil to different events, where I watched him network with Colorado politicians, constituents and activists, recorded speeches, took candid pictures and videos for campaign material, and assisted with event logistics. I also managed the campaign launch event—a five-day tour across the state to formally announce Phil’s candidacy for Colorado AG. I was tasked with deciding on venues to hold the public meet and greets, booking those venues, and coordinating with campaign field staff. This project required me to travel to different parts of Colorado to consider potential sites, interface with local bureaucrats and politicians, and have an understanding of the political landscape of the state (which varies greatly!). I also dedicated time to managing three fundraising events, which entailed coordinating with potential hosts, keeping track of RSVPs, explaining Phil’s mission and goals to guests, and tracking fundraising. At the events, it was my responsibility to welcome and check in guests, assist Phil and the hosts with logistics, and help guests make on-line or in person donations.

This internship opportunity genuinely ended up being far more rewarding than I could’ve imagined. I had the opportunity to work closely with impactful leaders and kind people, and the work I did was engaging and meaningful. I am excited to continue to pursue law and politics academically at Williams, as well as experientially with internship opportunities like this one. I am so grateful to have had this extraordinary experience, and I would 
like to thank the ’68 Center for Career Exploration and the Estate of George Mead for their generous support on this journey.