Aylen Park ’23

Vizer, San Diego, CA

For the past several months, I worked as a marketing intern at a San Diego-based exercise rewards app called Vizer, co-founded by Dylan Barbour ’16. Vizer app rewards people for being active by donating a meal to those in need through local food banks. It also allows people to earn credits that can be redeemed for items at local businesses. Vizer has created an application, where users can hit their daily goal by walking 10,000 steps or exercising for 30 minutes. Once achieving one of the two fitness goals, users can then open the app and hit “donate meal.” Their mission is to decrease food insecurity in America by providing creative resources that encourage people to exercise and simultaneously earn and donate meals.

Aylen Park logging in to update their supervisor.
Logging onto Slack in order to update my supervisor on this week’s social media content calendar ideas.

I learned about Vizer through their website and researched the health and wellness industry to get a sense of the language and goals shared by the company, their studio and rewards partners, and their competitors. My initial project was to increase user engagement in all the company’s platforms, such as Instagram, Website Blog, TikTok, and Facebook. Using advanced design programs like Figma and Canva Pro, I created three months’ worth of content for our platforms, focusing on content that involves food insecurity, exercise and wellbeing, as well as studios and healthy restaurants. As I began familiarizing myself with the users, I presented these ideas and engagement strategies to our marketing team.

During the halfway point of my internship, I was given the task to interact with the app users and our partners. To do this, I organized giveaways with some of our partners like Evolution Fresh or Fitbit in order to engage with our audience and show them companies that Vizer works with. Many times, I have had to answer questions about the app to curious users, or simply help them solve technical difficulties. I met with my supervisor every Monday and Friday to receive feedback, new tasks, or to learn new programs and marketing strategies.

As a result of this internship, I discovered my interest in the health and wellness industry, as well as in the health industry. I really enjoyed spending a lot of my time brainstorming creative solutions to inform people about world hunger and ways in which we can combat it. As I learn more about food insecurity, healthy living habits, and marketing strategies, I look forward to pursuing a career that focuses on entrepreneurship, health and wellness. I appreciated the times I have failed during this marketing internship, such as when my content did not perform very well on social media, as it has given me more time to reflect on certain strategies and more knowledge of users’ interests.

I would like to sincerely thank the ’68 Center for Career Exploration and Mr. and Mrs. Case for providing me with the amazing opportunity to intern at Vizer through the Alumni Sponsored Internship Program. This internship has helped me learn more about entrepreneurship, which I believe will shape my future career.