Alex Bettez ’23

WorldCare International, Boston, MA

This summer I had the opportunity to pursue a hybrid internship with WorldCare International, a business which works to provide expert second medical opinions to those who have been diagnosed with a critical illness. For the past twenty-six years, WorldCare has created a streamlined and effective process to help those who have just been given the hardest news of their lives to make an informed decision about their care. WorldCare has an established relationship with many top hospitals in the United States, such as Massachusetts General Hospital, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Mayo Clinic, and UCLA. A team of nurses and global medical directors spend hours speaking with the patient to discover their particular questions about their condition, and WorldCare triages their case to a team of experts in their healthcare consortium that will recommend a treatment plan based on their own interpretation of pathology and history. In many cases, a second medical opinion can improve a patient’s treatment plan and save lives!

WorldCare meeting.
We had the chance to work with leaders at WorldCare, such as COO Ed Wiggers ‘90 (second from right) and global medical director Dr. Hassan Sharif (far right).

As a summer intern on the Clinical Operations team, I worked alongside Deja Cunningham ’22 contacting various 
medical directors employed by WorldCare in different countries that serve a valuable role in connecting the patient with our services. Deja and I worked with WorldCare’s global medical director, Dr. Hassan Sharif, and the nurses who work in the Boston HQ to identify gaps in knowledge about how medical directors operate around the world. We then brainstormed a list of questions to ask them in informational interviews. Second, we worked to create a library of notable cases that WorldCare has completed in the past to improve care and save lives by looking through raw case notes and documentation and making a more understandable and clear summary. Deja and I also had the opportunity to sit in and learn at meetings with the Global Business Strategy Interns, guided by the COO Ed Wiggers ’90, where I gained a valuable understanding of how business operates in the healthcare field.

My internship this summer has been invaluable, as I’ve seen how passionate those at WorldCare are about their jobs. I had the opportunity to go into the office in Boston multiple days during the summer, and I found it so eye-opening as to how many different ways one can enter the healthcare field. This internship has reaffirmed my desire to be involved in healthcare and has helped me 
create connections I hope to keep for a 
long time! Thank you to all who made this possible at Williams, especially Ed Wiggers ’90, 
Dawn Dellea, Mr. and Mrs. Case, and the entire 
staff at the ’68 Center for Career Exploration.