Albert Xing ’23

Omneky, San Francisco, CA

This summer I worked at a technology startup called Omneky. Omneky uses algorithms and deep learning to generate, manage, and optimize the Facebook advertising of their clients. I was part of the sales team and my role was to find potential clients, and to communicate with them via email or phone calls. I had a very interesting summer and enjoyed working in such a fast-paced field.

After landing my first demo.

My responsibilities were the same throughout the entire internship, and I had to constantly change my outreach approach in order to succeed. When I started, it was very difficult for me to pitch my company to clients in a way that was captivating. I had very low response rates, which was normal, but I was disappointed nonetheless. I was always looking for ways to improve my outreach, and modified my methods constantly throughout the summer. Due to the small size of the startup, it was very easy to ask for help and to learn from my colleagues. Speaking with the CEO and a more experienced sales intern helped me build a strategy to get more leads. I had to drastically reduce the amount of words that I was initially using in my emails, and had to increase the volume of emails. It felt like an annoyance sending the same person an email a day for weeks without a response, but I learned that a good salesperson doesn’t let their emotions interfere with their outreach strategy. It turns out that most of the leads I reached out to that were interested in our services only replied after three or four follow up emails.

Moving forward, I would like to explore some different industries. The cold call role of sales is not a good match for me, and I would like to work in a field where my duties vary a bit more and where I can utilize some of the quantitative and problem-solving skills that I have developed at Williams. However, I really like the client-facing aspect of sales and really enjoyed looking for companies and communicating with leads. From my company search, I was exposed to a lot of industries ranging from consumer goods to nonprofits, and it really helped expand my horizons for what career path would be a good fit for me after college. I really enjoyed working for a small company, and would like to do that in the future as well. I enjoyed learning about how a smaller business is run, and seeing the CEO manage the team during the weekly meetings and pitch the company in calls with clients really inspires me to potentially start a business of my own.

I would really like to thank Mr. and Ms. Shah and the ’68 Center for Career Exploration for this experience. It has been a difficult year, and I am extremely grateful for their assistance in helping me develop professionally. I learned a lot about small businesses and sales, and this internship has really spurred my interest in entrepreneurship.