Yu Quan Ng ’23

Natalia for Congress (Natalia Linos), Brookline, MA

I worked over 270 hours during my nine-week tenure as policy and field coordinator for Dr. Natalia Linos’ congressional campaign. What drew me to this internship was the number of experienced healthcare professionals who were a part of this campaign. Amid an unprecedented public health crisis, along with 2020 being a politically significant year, I found the campaign to be the perfect opportunity to combine my interests in healthcare career exploration and active participation in a political movement.

As a policy and field coordinator, I fulfilled my goal to learn about how healthcare policies impact the community. I analyzed how legislature passed must not only balance the interests of the patient and physicians, but also the healthcare providers. I co-authored over twenty endorsement forms from various social advocacy groups, climate, and medical PACS for the candidate. I also contributed to Dr. Linos’ comprehensive Covid-19 reopening plan. Additional projects included running various voter outreach systems and assisting in task delegation of a core group of twenty-five volunteers. Through working with different people in a fast-paced environment, I also developed communication and organizational skillsets that are applicable to my future internship endeavors.

Since Covid-19 prevented several traditional pre-med experiences from happening this summer, I redirected my focus to explore the different types of non-physician roles healthcare professionals participate in to make a meaningful difference to their community. Many of the volunteers from the campaign were practicing physicians, medical researchers, and public health professionals. I gained insight and consideration on the breadth and depth of how healthcare professionals can make a positive impact. By studying healthcare systems extensively through my role in policy and research, I gained a better understanding of how legislature has a direct impact on how physicians practice medicine. I also witnessed the different flaws existing policies have, and how difficult the uphill battle is to enact positive change.

This internship provided me much consideration towards the different avenues a career as a medical professional might entail, and reinforced my interest in pursuing a medical career in primary care. Although there is much that can be done in public health and politics that positively impacts the community, I found that I would much prefer to positively contribute through interacting with individuals instead. Moving forward, I look forward to continuing my pre-med track through finishing my chemistry requirements next year, and to pursue opportunities that are more medicine-specific to allow better understanding on what a career as a primary care physician might entail.

I am grateful to the Class of 1972 and the ’68 Center and am excited for the upcoming academic year!