Yash Mangal ’23

Kountable, Inc., San Francisco, CA

This summer, I had the opportunity to intern remotely at Kountable, a fast-paced fintech start-up headquartered in San Francisco. Kountable is a global trade and technology platform which delivers finance solutions, supply chain auditability, and transparency to entrepreneurs by using data-driven insights. Kountable essentially facilitates business between qualified but unwarranted small and medium enterprises (SMEs) from developing countries, and multinational suppliers. I liked the business model that Kountable followed and how it has carved out a niche for itself using its unique data and processing platform.

During this summer, Kountable was entering a new stage in its development process and was branching out into a new Screenshot of Yash Mangal '23 on zoomsubscription-based model while also launching its ESG Execution Service. My work assignments were focused on supporting these projects. As an attempt to broaden the customer base for the subscription-based model, I set up the company’s e-commerce platform with Shopify. I used prototype products from Kountable’s network of traders and applied my knowledge of UI/UX skills to set up the online store. For my assignments relating to the ESG Execution service, I analyzed and formulated company profiles and conducted industry analysis. I focused my efforts on various industries spanning from ESG investing to sustainable consulting to data-driven business intelligence. These projects reinforced my interests in working in the fields of business and finance after graduation. This internship provided me with a concrete base to develop hard and soft skills which will be useful for my future endeavors. Furthermore, it has prompted me to strongly consider taking coursework which relates to finance, data analytics, and sustainable economic growth.

Working remotely for the entirety of the internship was definitely a challenge, but the Kountable team ensured that I had a wonderful learning experience. I had frequent Zoom conferencing calls with team members across Europe, North America, and Africa. I was in a different time zone and faced the constant challenge of keeping up at odd times and experiencing a lag in contact with my supervisors because of the time difference. However, this also provided me with a window of opportunity as I worked on my own time and also worked synchronously with the team, which helped move along projects more efficiently. Moreover, I gained a valuable experience working from home, which might be useful in getting adjusted to the changing work environments across different sectors.

I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to Peter ’79 and Laurie ’79 Thomsen, whose generosity and commitment to Williams helped me achieve my summer goals and immerse myself in this incredible learning experience. Lastly, I also want to take this opportunity to thank 
Chris Hale ’00, Kountable’s CEO, 
who enabled me and other 
fellow Ephs to work with the team and be a part of this experience.