Will Snyder ’21

Stio, Jackson Hole, WY

This past summer I had the opportunity to have a remote internship at Stio, an outdoor apparel company based out of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Stio makes outerwear for skiing and climbing as well as casual clothes. My role at Stio was to work with the brand team to edit video content that was shot this past winter. The content I was editing was primarily of ski trips and of large peaks. I took the footage that was shot by outside production companies and assembled it into stories for Stio’s launch of their ski line this fall.

I edited a short film about a ski trip to a small resort in Montana called Lost Trail. Through the process of editing this piece, I was Selfie of Will Snyder '21 with laptopable to refine my Premiere Pro skills, learn how to color grade using professional software, and receive feedback from other producers and leaders of the marketing team. I feel that by receiving critical feedback on my work helped me become a better editor and tell better stories. The second video that I worked on was about the founder of the company, Stephen Sullivan. Producing this video gave me the opportunity to run point on an interview and learn animation techniques from one of Stio’s graphic designers. The final video that I worked on was about a female athlete that has climbed and skied every fourteen-thousand-foot peak in Colorado. This video was my favorite project because I had full control over the storyboarding, interviewing, and post production of the story. I learned a lot about what it takes to craft a succinct story that is in line with Stio’s brand values.

Stio has given me the opportunity to grow as an editor. I have learned about every facet of the post production process as well as gain a better understanding of what goes into pre-production from the producers at Stio. I am 
walking away from this internship with three videos to add to my portfolio. Having content that potential employers 
can watch is extremely important when applying to jobs at production companies and creative agencies. My internship at Stio has put me in a strong position for applying 
to jobs going into my senior year. One of 
my biggest goals for this internship was 
to make connections and meet as many 
people within Stio. This proved challenging 
as a remote internship does not afford the same opportunities to interact with coworkers as in-person internships. Despite being remote, I took advantage of the ease of scheduling meetings with my coworkers so I could learn about other facets of Stio’s marketing. It was through stepping out of my area of expertise (video content) and reaching out to others that I was able to understand the big picture of how marketing works within a brand like Stio. I believe that the connections that I have made at Stio will help me as my career progresses.