Neema Zarrabian ’21

Goalden Hour, Boston, MA

I worked at Goalden Hour this summer helping to develop an iOS and Android app that will aid people 
in setting and managing goals. The app is mainly trying to help students, in particular, manage all their daily tasks, from homework to extracurriculars. The third major prong of their productivity app is to assist people who are working on self-improvement journeys.

I worked mainly on the customer validation team, while also playing roles on the content and communications team. The customer validation team ran 63 interviews throughout the summer—half of which were devoted to understanding student’s biggest problems surrounding time and task management. The other half was devoted to usability tests, where we showed the interviewees five different features and asked them to explain how they might or might not benefit from such a feature. The features we tested focused on tracking daily goals, tasks, and routines.

The communications team completed two projects: a DRIP email marketing campaign to engage new users and 
the development of a year-long campaign that would provide anyone who was engaging in a self-improvement journey with value—providing them with info, resources, and recommendations on how to continue to grow. On the content team, I wrote blog posts ( and worked on some of the content that will be displayed throughout the app (the iOS app has not been released, but you can find the online app at

This internship was the perfect opportunity for me to grow both personally and professionally. I have been on my own journey over the years, seeing a large overlap between my psychology major and the self-improvement market. I’ve always wanted to take what I’ve learned about psychology and help other people grow their own image with that knowledge. Further, I got to lead the customer validation team which allowed me to grow as a teammate and leader, two areas of understanding that are essential in the work place and beyond.

Lastly, entrepreneurship is a passion of mine, having worked both with Tonio Palmer and Steve Fogel at Williams. 
I have read and watched many things on entrepreneurship, but there’s no better learning experience about 
start-ups than actually working at one. I learned much more from my 10 weeks at Goalden Hour than I might have elsewhere, and I’d like to thank Williams and the ASIP program for allowing me to follow a passion of mine and engage in this opportunity. I’d like to specifically thank Mr. William McCalpin ’79 who made my internship possible and provided me with an experience that I would have never otherwise had the opportunity to have.