Morgan Persky ’23

Henry Schein, Inc., Melville, NY

This summer, I had the privilege of interning as a member of the Henry Schein Medical Marketing Team. Henry Schein is a worldwide distributor of healthcare products and services, and my internship was under the supervision of Emily Jimenez, the Marketing Analytics Manager, who taught me the basics of marketing, as well as provided me with a background in the medical industry. I worked on three main projects this summer: a social media experiment, a social media assessment, and industry insights.

Our marketing team felt that it was important to conduct a social media experiment in order to test various posting strategies on different social media platforms. Our goal was to determine which strategy is most successful for a given platform. For this project, I met weekly with Amber Baker, the Senior Market Development Manager, and Sara McGee, the Social Media Marketing Morgan Persky '23 on laptopSpecialist, to discuss the status of the experiment. After the experiment was completed, I analyzed the data and gave recommendations for how to proceed post-experiment. I summarized my findings into a concise visual display and presented them to the team.

In my second project, I served as a social media consultant and researched the current trends in B2B marketing social media, as well as analyzed our main virtual platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube) and our competitor’s platforms. From this research, I created four SWOT analyses, which highlighted our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for each platform. I proceeded to form recommendations on how to improve on our weaknesses and capitalize on our strengths. As a Gen-Z, I provided a unique perspective on social media platforms that may have not been apparent to the rest of the team. I also prepared a comprehensive slide deck for future presentations.

My final project focused on the importance of antimicrobial stewardship. I began by conducting thorough research on the topic, as I was originally very unfamiliar with the term, and then reframed the sub pillars that were currently on the website to best organize the information and suit our intended audience. I then created outlines for each sub pillar and wrote the content. The revision process went through many rounds, each time learning more and developing as a writer over the course of the project.

I began this internship with minimal marketing experience, but left with a wealth of knowledge about the field and its applications. I developed strong presentation skills, as I had to present my findings and analysis on each project, as well as a capstone presentation. I learned how to analyze information in a new way and work with incomplete data sets. By producing rich, comprehensive content for the team, I was able to build confidence in my abilities as an intern. This experience was incredibly enlightening and I look forward to what it leads me to in the future.