Georgia Lord ’21

NYU Fundamentals of Global Sports Management, Professional Development Course

This summer I took an online professional development course called the Fundamentals of Global Sports Management through the NYU Preston Robert Tisch Institute for Global Sport and was taught by NYU faculty and business leaders in the global sports world. The objective of this course was to provide a more comprehensive understanding of different career paths within the sports industry, and helped enhance my knowledge in different areas, such as: digital media and marketing, data driven marketing and sales, technology driven marketing and sales, and fan engagement.

In the first section of the course titled, The Essence of Sports and Fandom, I learned about the history of sports and how it impacts society. This section was mainly used as an overview for the rest of the course so that we had the basic understanding necessary to get the most out of it.

The second module, Sports Media and Marketing, focused on the promotion of sporting events, as well as other products and services in the sports world. I learned about how sports companies try to speak to the consumer through their brand and not the product.

The third module, Sports Data and Analytics, taught me about the importance of analyzing the data of a sports organization. Through data and analytics, sports companies are able to figure out what the consumer wants while also enhancing their organization.

The fourth module, The Global Sport Ecosystem, talked about the many different dynamics that are at play in the sports industry. They focused on the relationship between the media and the sports ecosystem, the sports venue and stakeholders, and sports venues and the surrounding communities.

The fifth module, The Transformative Power of Sport, touched on sports and social entrepreneurship, the health benefits of sports, and its impact on youth. I learned that sports really have the opportunity to change society for the better through the values it possesses.

The last module, Sports Innovation and Disruption, was mainly about sports AI and how technology is changing the game. It talked about high tech trends and how it is used on the field and off.

This course helped me understand that I would like a career in sports technology and marketing. Because of this new understanding, I was able to hone my search for an internship for my gap year in these two fields. Fortunately, I was able to find a marketing internship for a sports AI start-up this fall. I’m really excited about this opportunity to get a more in-depth understanding of what I learned about in this course.

This course has helped me narrow down my career path a little bit more while adding a lot of value to my overall understanding of the sports industry. I am greatly appreciative of this educational opportunity!