Dan Kacmarek ’21

The Williams Club, New York, NY

During the summer of 2020, I was a marketing intern for the Williams Club based in New York City. Although the internship was fully remote, the experience was still very helpful for improving my overall skills in the workplace. Going into my internship I understood the Williams Club was an alumni club alongside the Princeton Club operating out of Manhattan. The Club is seen as a place for Eph alumni to socialize, connect, and network with other alumni or current students from around the country. After learning more about the history of the Williams Club, I realized its mission was to expand the membership and advance engagement with the entire Eph community, which includes current students, faculty, and parents. More specifically, my work during the summer gave me the opportunity to gain experience as a Marketing Specialist and Membership Development Coordinator. I was appointed to help with marketing projects using design applications and FileMaker Pro. These database design tools helped develop a data integration between the Princeton Club and the Williams Club, which will ultimately help both clubs reach their membership and networking goals and connect countless alumni to current students. This internship also afforded me hands-on marketing experience with talented Williams alumni.

Through the use of FileMaker Pro, my colleagues and I were able to understand and create a basic format that converted the current membership database to a self-
updating file. In addition to this project, I was a part of a team that created a virtual tour of the Williams Club, thereby during Covid-19 restrictions we could still show people the great features of the Club without leaving their homes. This seemingly simple project proved to be more effective for recruiting members, and of course much safer, during this unprecedented time.

One of my goals for the summer, which I achieved, was to further expand my skills using database design. I have worked with a few applications before, however this internship worked with challenging real-world data, rather than simulated data which I typically used in my courses at Williams. Another objective I accomplished this summer was gaining hands-on experience in marketing. Having come into this internship with little to no prior experience, I was able to quickly learn some fundamental skills and meet (albeit virtually) some new friends along the way. Not only did this internship help me academically but also helped me personally create connections in the future and I hope to continue 
networking with Williams alumni.

Even though it was not possible for me to work in a traditional office workspace, applications like Zoom and FaceTime provided a close substitute. This internship made me realize how important communication (both listening and speaking) and patience really are in team settings—and this was highlighted further during the virtual meetings. I am very grateful for this opportunity and I look forward to my next internships which hopefully will be in person.