Chandler Dula ’23

HBS CORe Program, Professional Development Course

The Harvard Business School Credential of Readiness (CORe) Program has allowed me to learn countless business and financial concepts that will aid me not only in my career, but through life in general. CORe is a 10-week 
program geared towards helping students understand how to interpret financial statements, analyze data from graphs, and assess demand—all important skills for any business professional to have. This course has given me the necessary tools to be able to confidently discuss topics in business and finance that I would have previously shied away from. CORe has helped me to think like a business professional and to appreciate the attention to detail it takes to be successful. I believe the knowledge I received this summer will continue to benefit my career moving forward, and I am thankful to have had the opportunity to learn what I have.

Chandler Dula '23 in front of skylineThe course is designed to strengthen students’ understanding of business and accounting principles that may otherwise be left out of a traditional liberal arts experience, and so far, I feel that I have learned a great deal of information. I am now comfortable reading financial statements and understanding the processes that create them. I also have new perspectives of economics principles I learned in class at Williams, and I now have examples of real-world scenarios where I see them explicitly play out. Along with the financial knowledge, CORe allowed me to interact with fellow students across the world through peer feedback and shared reflections on course modules. It is very interesting to hear from people already in business/finance careers and the in-depth analysis they provide regarding the wide range of topics covered.

Moving forward, I hope to pursue a degree in economics and a career in finance. The CORe Program helped me to see that I enjoy being a problem-solver, but also that I can relate the numbers I see on statements to stories and theories that preceded the report. Business is a career of numbers, but it is also a highly relational endeavor for those who wish to be successful. The program, and my instruction at Williams, have taught me that people run the economy, and without getting to know their desires and their ability to act on those wishes, a business will be doomed to fail.

I wanted to make sure that this summer, even in the face of the pandemic, would not be wasted. I wanted to show potential employers that I am not only interested in a career in finance, but determined as well. This course allowed me to show a little of my grit and determination in order to learn all I can, even in tough times. The lessons that I have learned will fuel my educational exploration and career journey in the future. I want to thank the Thomsens and the ’68 Center for making it infinitely easier for me to embark on this journey and receive the training and education necessary to set myself apart.