Anuvind Iyer ’23

ORS Group Corporation, New Bruswick, NJ

Over the past three months, I have had the incredible opportunity to work remotely as a data analyst intern at a cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology firm. The Operations Research Systems Group (ORS) is an Italian technology company, based in Roddi, Cuneo, which utilizes proprietary artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics technology to automate and optimize business processes for a variety of global clients. In my time at ORS, I worked on a variety of A.I. machine learning and business projects which offered me insight on the technology industry in addition to several other client industries, as well as professional experience working for an official corporation.

My first project with the company was an extensive machine learning project. I partnered with a team of employees and interns to analyze key financial data for roughly 500 publicly traded companies to determine key bankruptcy factors. My role on the team as the lead programmer and analyst allowed me to automate data delivery from the SEC database to a Python data frame. I then ran multiple models on the data to determine which financial ratios could be potential key indicators for bankruptcy. The next project I worked on was a research article analysis on retail recovery scenarios and how ORS can use its technological capabilities to predict and help organizations react to Covid-19 impacts. Following this, I conducted a risk management analysis for a British grocery store chain. I collected a variety of sales and financial data for the company and analyzed their supply chain process and their risk factors. My next project was a complex social media mining project. An employee and I began designing and programming a solution to mine Twitter for retail information pertaining to specific companies and industries to better inform business decisions. After we delivered a solution proposal, I worked on a variety of decks and reports for several clients and company solutions.

In my time at ORS, I learned a lot about the tech industry and what it is like working for an international small company. While I greatly enjoyed the freedom and creativity of working at a small company, it was quite daunting at times as I often managed projects on my own. I had the opportunity to learn about European working culture (though remotely) and I also learned from colleagues that I do not need a computer science major to work in the industry. In the future I am hoping to have more experience in the tech industry and at a larger company to learn whether I am better suited for a larger and more structured company.

I would like to thank Don Carlson for his generosity and the ’68 Center for Career Exploration for offering me insight and guidance, so I could spend my summer working in a field that I am greatly interested in.