Gillian Sowden ’06

Gillian Sowden was an international student from Scotland at Williams. She will start a residency in psychiatry in the summer of 2011.

After graduating in ’06, Gillian began studying medicine at Harvard Medical School. After completing her first year, however, she decided to pursue a year of research and took a break from the classroom. Consequently, she began working with a psychiatrist at MGH investigating the feasibility of screening hospitalized patients with heart disease for depression, and whether initiating early depression treatment in this patient population improves quality of life and medical outcomes at follow-up.

In August 2008 she resumed her studies and commenced her 2nd year as a medical student. Currently in her final year of medical school, she begins a residency in psychiatry in the summer of 2011.

At Williams Gillian majored in biology with a concentration in biochemistry, and was a member of the nordic ski team.