Related Courses


Courses offered as part of The Book Unbound critically and creatively explore the ways in which people preserve and convey ideas, creative works, data, and other forms of information. Students and faculty participating in these courses will have numerous opportunities throughout the year to discuss and share their questions and findings.

Related Fall Courses

AFR 482T (F): Fictions of African-American History (Long)

ARTS 267T (F): Artists’ Books (Takenaga)

BIOL 220 (F) Field Botany & Plant Natural History (Art)

BIOL 319 (F): Integrative Bioinformatics, Genomics, and Proteomics (Banta)

CLAS 200 (F): History of the Book (Dekel, Nugent)

COMP 401 (F): Senior Seminar: Through the Looking Glass: Comparative Children’s Literature (van de Stadt)

CSCI 361 (F): Theory of Computation (Heeringa)

CSCI 371 (F): Computational Graphics (McGuire)

CSCI 374T (F): Machine Learning (Danyluk)

ECON 229 (F): Law and Economics (Gentry)

ENGL 113 (F) Banned Books: The Question of Access (Taylor)

ENGL 323T (F): A Novel Education (Fix)

ENGL 359 (F) Origins of Literary Modernity (Thorne)

ENGL 364T (F): Documentary Poetry (Fisher)

PHYS 315T (F): Computational Biology (Aalberts)

REL 210 (F): The New Testament: Purpose, History and Method (Moxnes)

SOC 368 (F): Technology and Modern Society (Nolan)

THEA 331 (F): Hamlet (Pethica)


Related Spring Courses

ARTH 416 (S): Wright Writing  (Johnson)

ASTR 340 (S) Great Astronomers and Their Original Publications (Pasachoff)

CLAS 283 (S): The Great Library of Alexandria: Collection and Connoisseurship in the Ancient World (Rubin)

COMP 224 (S): The Cookbook Through History (Goldstein)

CSCI 107 (S): Creating Games (McGuire)

ENGL 228 (S): Graphic Storytelling (Murphy)

ECON 222 (S): Economics of the Arts and Culture (Sheppard)

MATH 351 (S): Applied Real Analysis (Garrity)

PHYS 316 (S): Protecting Information (Wootters and Loepp)

PSYC 322 (S): Concepts: Mind, Brain, and Culture (Zaki)

REL 229 (S): Reel Jesus: Reading the Christian Bible and Film in the U.S.A. (Hidalgo)

REL 230 (S): Reading Reading: An Introduction to the Qur’an and Islam (Darrow)

RLFR 250 (S): Women in Print: Gender, Power, and Publishing in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century France (Curulla)

RLSP 301 (S): Cervantes’ “Don Quijote” (Rouhi)

THEA 360 (S): The Body as Book: Memory and Reenactment in Dance & Theatre (Holzapfel, Dankmeyer)