Past Events


Past Events

September 16: Literary Death Match

September 18: WCMA Radical Words Series #1: “Radical Words, Material Worlds,” Christopher Nugent and Edan Dekel

September 20: Convocation

September 20: Sawyer Library Dedication Ceremony

September 20: An Iliad: A Homer’s Coat Project. Post-show Q&A with the artists.

September 25: Publication Studio: Publishers in Residence, Happy Hour and Roundtable Chat

September 25: “The Arabian Peninsula Novel: Modern Arabic Literature’s New Frontier?” William Granara, Director of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University

September 27: Publication Studio: Rebind Workshop

October 2: Publication Studio: Pop-Up Bookshop

October 2: Publication Studio: PS, I Love You

October 2: WCMA Radical Words Series #2: “Radical Rewording: Olympe de Gouge’s Declaration of the Rights of Women in the French Revolution,” Annelle Curulla, Romance Languages

October 2: Writing for Young People: A Panel of Alumni Young Adult Authors

October 2-4: Copenhagen by Michael Frayn

October 3: How To Read A Chinese Book Workshop: “Using Paratexts to Identify and Authenticate Chinese Editions,” James S. Edgren, Princeton University.

October 8: Author Laila Lalami reads from The Moor’s Account

October 9: Musical Garlands: Ragamala: Experience a Living Tradition, W. Anthony Sheppard, Music

October 9: WCMA Radical Words Series #3: “Radical Encoding: Seeing is Remembering,” Brent Heeringa, Computer Science

October 16: WCMA Radical Words Series #4: “Radical Callings: Social Transgressions and the Black Sermonic Tradition,” James Manigault-Bryant, Africana Studies

October 17-18: Authorship and the Early Christian Book: A Symposium and Workshop

“Is God and Author? The Apocalypse of John and the Apocryphon of John,” Karen L. King, Harvard University

“Does the History of the Canon Matter? Contextualizing the Debate Over the Authority of the New Testament Canon,” Halvor Moxnes, University of Oslo

“Ephesians as the Introduction to a Corpus Paulinum: Reassessing the Goodspeed Hypothesis,” J. Albert Harrill, The Ohio State University

“Making Books, Making an Author: The Codices and Volumes of Shenoute of Atripe’s Discourses,” David Brakke, The Ohio State University

Unbinding the Printed Bible: A Workshop at the Chapin Library

October 21: Class of ’71 Public Affairs Forum: Jonathan Franzen and Andrew Sullivan

October 28: “Is There Such a Thing as Jewish Literature?” A lecture by poet and critic Adam Kirsch

October 30: Publication Studio: Platform for Poets: Readings by Claudia Rankine

November 4: Camille A. Brown and Dancers. Post-show Q&A with Camille A. Brown.

November 8: Publication Studio: Rebind Workshop

November 13: Publication Studio: Craig Dworkin: An Attempt at Exhausting WCMA

November 17: Camille A. Brown: The Book Unbound

November 20: “The Silk Road of Books: Going Beyond the Medieval Codex,” Susan Whitfield, Director of the International Dunhuang Project

November 20: “Who We Be: The Colorization of America,” Jeff Chang, Stanford University.

November 20-22: Hamlet by William Shakespeare

January 9: Abenaki Storytelling Session: Joseph and Jesse Bruchac

January 14: Interactive Parchment Making Workshop. Jesse Meyer, Pergamena

February 13: “Writing and the Imperial Imagination in Early Japan—A Glimpse through Augustan Rome,” Wiebke Denecke, Boston University

February 17: Aldus Manutius: Scholar, Printer, Publisher / A Quincentenary Celebration. Opening Reception at the Chapin Library

February 18: Fiction reading by Lydia Davis

February 18: “The History of Forging Early Modern Books,” Nick Wilding, Georgia State University

Feburary 24: Akasha: The Book Unbount

February 25: Shantala Shivalingappa: Akasha

March 2: Geographies: New England Book Work, Rutherford Witthus and Robert Volz

March 5: “Cicero and the Library of Lucullus,” Stephanie Frampton, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

March 6: Warhol and the Stuff of Books, Matt Wrbican, Chief Archivist at the Warhol Museum & Kathryn Price, Curator of Collections at WCMA

March 7: Visit Warhol by the Book with Student Gallery Guides

March 10: Art Spiegelman’s WORDLESS! with music by Phillip Johnston

March 16: A Rite: The Book Unbound

March 17: Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company & Siti Company: A Rite

March 18: Panel: Cradling the Past in Dance of the Present Architecture, Archive, and Agency

March 18: 150th Anniversary of Phi Beta Kappa at Williams: “Academic Libraries in the Digital Age,” William Arms, Cornell University

April 7: “Warhol and Cookbooks,” Susan Rossi-Wilcox, Culinary Historian, and Darra Goldstein, Russan

April 15: “Creating ‘Serial,'” Sarah Koenig, Radio Producer

April 23: “When Gods and Demons Learn to Read: Inscribed Greek Amulets of the Roman Imperial Period,” Christopher Faraone, University of Chicago

April 28: “Warhol and Infiltrated Publishing,” Lucy Mulroney, Syracuse University and Christopher Cerf, Author and Composer

April 30: “Arabic Script History: From Musnad to Jazm,” Saad Abulhab, Type designer and Researcher