Aug. 26: Message to Students from Dean Bolton

Dear Students,

I hope you are well and looking forward to returning to campus. As I’m sure you know, we are anticipating that a very strong storm will come through the Williamstown area this weekend. This note is to remind you that your safety is our FIRST priority. If travel conditions will make it difficult for you to arrive on campus on time for programs you are involved with, please do not be concerned. Everyone understands that many students will not be able to travel as they had hoped to, and everyone is planning to be flexible arrangements. The storm is expected to arrive here on Saturday night and will likely make travel very unsafe on Saturday evening and all of Sunday. While the storm will have passed through the area by Monday, we do not yet know whether power and travel will still be difficult at that time or in the days that follow. In case of a long term power outage, you may be asked to further delay your arrival on campus until services are fully restored. I will write to you again over the weekend as conditions evolve. You can also call the Dean’s Office main phone number (413-597-4171) for updates on plans and conditions on campus.

If you are already on campus or plan to arrive soon, there are few key things to know.
Please be safe on campus. This is a serious storm, and while we know how to stay safe on campus, it requires caution and common sense. If there are strong winds, stay indoors. Stay away from trees that appear unstable. Follow directions from Campus Safety and the Dean’s Office.

If you are experiencing an emergency, call 911.

If you are experiencing a problem on campus, such as storm damage to your room, call Campus Safety and Security at (413) 597-4444.

Driscoll dining hall will be open for all meals throughout the weekend and on Monday. Dining services will continue to serve food at Driscoll even if we lose electrical power.

Should we experience a long-term power outage, students already on campus will be moved to a safe, central location. You would be notified of such a move by Campus Safety and Security officers.

Again, we encourage you to delay travel until you are sure you can arrive here safely.

I wish you a good weekend and look forward to seeing you soon.

All my best,

Dean Bolton